There is a 94% chance that your deleted files can be brought back to life!

There is a 94% chance that your deleted files can be brought back to life!

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Have you deleted files you need?

You might be able to get them back! Try a free scan with this innovative software to see which files you thought were long gone can be recovered.

The problem

When using your computer, mistakes can happen. All it takes is hitting the wrong button or an incorrect click and a document you had worked on forever or a treasured photo can be deleted. Some items, such as family photos, cannot be recreated easily and redoing important work might not be an option.

The Solution

Just because something has been deleted doesn't mean it is gone forever. ParetoLogic DataRecovery Pro will scour your computer to see what is hiding deep inside and then bring it back to life. It can restore a wide variety of files, even those that have been recycled, compressed or encrypted. As well, ParetoLogic DataRecovery Pro can bring back deleted emails and even email attachments. It also is a lifesaver when it comes to external drives and devices such as digital camera and MP3 players. As well it is able to recover songs from your iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. Give yourself some peace of mind and rely on ParetoLogic DataRecovery Pro.

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