What is smss.exe?

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The smss.exe process is a common process that can be seen running on your system tasks. The smss.exe file is an application registered to Microsoft Corporation for its Microsoft Windows Operating System. The smss.exe or Session Manager Subsystem is an essential process that should always be included on your Windows boot up list. It is reponsible for handling sessions running on your system. The smss.exe program is important for the stability of your system and should be kept running in the background. Termination of the smss.exe may result to system malfunction thus it is advisable not to disable this process.

The smss.exe process or also known as Windows Session Manager of Microsoft Windows Operating System is located in the folder C:\ Windows\ system32. The smss.exe file commonly occupies 50688 bytes and is classified as a Windows system file. The program smss.exe runs in the background and is a ligitimate file from Microsoft.

Since smss.exe process is a vital process of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, several spywares attempts to duplicate the file and use it as backdoor file, Trojan, or worm. Other known programs that relate to the smss.exe file are IntelliSys and SMSS. IntelliSys is an adware that is located in C:\ Windows or C:\ Winnt called Advertisingvision. SMSS is a file that hides itself as the system file smss.exe that is created by the FLOOD.F trojan. For protection, it is a good practice to always get the latest update for your anti-malware applications.

Session Manager Subsystem is a component of the Microsoft Windows NT that creates environment variables. It starts the kernel and user modes of the Win 32 subsystem and other subsytems required by the system. The smss.exe process also creates DOS device mappings and virtual memory paging files. It also starts the Windows logon manager. It resides in the systems memory and can be seen running in the Windows Task Manager after the booting process.

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Low. The dlg.exe uses 50688 bytes worth of RAM resources.

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