What is msmpeng.exe?

Windows Process Description:
The msmpeng.exe process is an application that belongs to the Service Executable application. The mspeng.exe application is the core component of the Windows Defender which was previously known as Windows AntiSpyware. The key features of the Windows Defender which utilizes the functions of the mpeng.exe program, are prevention, removal and quarantine of spywares. Recently, Windows Defender or msmpeng.exe program, was included in the Windows Vista Package and was offered as a free downloadable software for previous supported versions of Windows.

The msmpeng.exe file is commonly found in the directory C:\ Program Files folder and sometimes in a subfolder of of C:\.The msmpeng.exe process occupies minimal amount of disk space with just 14032 bytes in Windows XP. The msmpeng.exe process is a valid Microsoft file and which was certified by other trustworthy companies. The msmpeng.exe is listed in the programs that can be uninstalled through the Add/Remove Programs tab of the Control Panel.

There are some instances that the file msmpeng.exe is camouflaged as malware thus it is recommended that this should be terminated if msmpeng.exe application is not used by the system or is left to run in the background.

The msmpeng.exe file executes an application that protects your system against internet-bound threats such as worms, spywares, and trojans that are distributed through email. The process mpeng.exe also prevents direct attacks on the computer that allows unauthorized access to the system.

Windows Defender got its framework on GIANT Antispyware, which was developed by GIANT Company Software Inc. Windows Defender not only features system scan but also several Real-time Security Agents that monitor common areas of Windows which may contain malicious applications. The msmpeng.exe has also the capability to easily remove ActiveX applications installed. Another feature bundled in the Windows Defender software is Microsoft�s Spynet network that permits users to report to Microsoft suspected malwares and offer information on what applications and device drivers are allowed in their system.

Microsoft Corporation

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Windows Defender

Memory Usage:
Low. The msmpeng.exe uses 14032 bytes worth of RAM resources.

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C:\Program Files

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