What is issch.exe?

Windows Process Description:
The process issch.exe is associated to several applications that uses InstallShield Update Service such as InstallShield Update Service Scheduler, Macrovision Update Service Scheduler, Macrovision FLEXnet Connect Scheduler. These processes related to the issch.exe file are parts of their corresponding softwares namely TotalAccess Core Applications, Digital Video Management System, Wal-Mart Music Downloads Store, SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin, Macrovision Update Service, WordPerfect Office and Macrovision FLEXnet Connect by InstallShield Software Corporation or Macrovision Corporation or Corel Corporation. Upon execution of the issch.exe file, it calls a host of DLLs, Exes, and other processes that are essential to run the any of the softwares mentioned earlier.

The file issch.exe occupies 81,920 bytes of disk space. The issch.exe is located in the subfolder C:\ Windows\ Program Files\ Common Files\ or sometimes in the Program Files folder (usually in the C:\ Program Files\ Common Files\ InstallShield\ UpdateService\). The issch.exe process is classified as a non-Windows system file. The issch.exe program can be included in the boot up process by adding the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Run to the system’s registry. This valid process is not required by the Windows system and can be removed or altered based on the user’s preference.

The issch.exe process or InstallShield Update Scheduler automatically searches for and initializes an update window to certain softwares that allows the user to work on its most recent versions.

The issch.exe process is the core process of the application that launches the InstallShield Update Scheduler. InstallShield software is a tool for creating installers or sofware packages. InstallShield is also the name of the developer the the software until was acquired by Macrovision in 2004. There are two types of installer that can be created by Windows namely Basic MSI and InstallScript. These projects utilizes the issch.exe process is required in both of these types of installers. InstallScript projects are created using event-based script which were built into setup.exe applications and Basic MSI projects are used to build Windows Installer packages.

InstallShield Software Corporation

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Installshield Update Service Scheduler

Memory Usage:
Low. The issch.exe uses 81920 bytes worth of RAM resources.

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C:\Program Files\Common Files