What is explorer.exe?

Windows Process Description:
The process explorer.exe is a commonly used process in all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The process explorer.exe is popularly known as Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is basically used to browse files and folders in Microsoft Windows. Upon execution of the explorer.exe file, an application window is launched and allows the user to navigate the contents of folders and view file information.

The file explorer.exe is located in folder C:\ Windows or sometimes in a subfolder of C:\. It has a known file size ranging from 1,0321,292 bytes to 3,194,368 bytes. The process explorer.exe is a vital Windows core system file that initializes a visible window for browsing the system’s folders and files. It is a trusted Microsoft application that records user inputs.

Duplicates of the explorer.exe file has been a constant target for different malware which were usually located in the system32 subdirectory of the Windows folder. These malicious files are usually added to the Windows start up by certain spywares and should be removed immediately from the system. These illigitimate explorer.exe files are not needed by the Windows system and usually causes harms your system if not attended immediately.

The process explorer.exe or Windows Explorer is an application that is a part of late versions ot the Microft Windows operating system that runs as the main window for the Windows operating system. The process explorer.exe provides a graphical user interface for browsing file systems. The process explorer.exe file displays the user interface on the display screen that enables the user to utilize the computer’s functions. It also referred as Windows GUI shell or simply Explorer.

The file explorer.exe was developed by Microsoft Corporation for its Microsoft Windows Operating System. It started with the release of Windows 95 introduced the browsing mode where each folder would open a window that shows its contents in a spatial file manager style. Microsoft Corporation’s release of its Microsoft Vista Operating System gave Windows Explorer a new look through new layouts and costumizable features that enables the user to navigate the system with ease.

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Medium. The dlg.exe uses 1,032,192 bytes worth of RAM resources.

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