What is exec.exe?

Windows Process Description:
The process exec.exe belongs to the NetZero Internet service Internet accelerator program. Upon initialization of the exec.exe file it also calls the host of the DLLs, Exes, and other fundamental processes that are required to ulitized the functions of the NetZero Internet Accelerator. The exec.exe process is also associated with the exec.exe process as core components of the NetZero Internet Accelerator.

The process exec.exe is located in the subfolder of C:\ Program Files. The exec.exe file is not an essential file to the Windows system. It utilizes ports to conect to Local Network or Internet. The process can be included in the startup process of Windows by adding the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ RunOnce to the system registry.

The exec.exe process is installed on your system once you use NetZero for your Internet Service Provider (ISP). While the exec.exe process is running in the background, NetZero allows the user to have free internet access. However, in exchange for this service, the user must agree to view advertisements while surfing the web. In order to avail the free internet service from NetZero, the exec.exe process should be allowed to run in the background unless the user prefers not to do so.

The exec.exe file can be used for certain firewall softwares such as Windows XP Firewal, Windows Vista Firewall, Black Ice Defender, Freedom Personal Firewall, Norton Internet Security, McAfee Security Firewall, MacAfee Personal Firewall Plus, Sygate Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm and other available firewall programs. The NetZero Internet Accelerator can be configured to apply changes on your personal firewall properties. Adding certain exceptions on the Firewall settings of your Internet security software allows the NetZero Internet Accelerator to boost your internet connection’s performance.

NetZero Internet Accelarator is developed by United Online Inc. is an Internet and media services provider that services social networking and online loyalty marketing. Its main Communications services includes email support and Internet access.

United Online Inc.

Author URL:
http:// www.unitedonline.net

Part Of:
NetZero Internet Accelerator

Memory Usage:
Low. The exec.exe uses around 288 kilobytes worth of RAM resources.

System Process:


Background Process:

Uses Network:

Uses Internet:

Hardware Related:

Common Path:
C:\Program Files\Common Files