What is alcmtr.exe?

Windows Process Description:
The alcmtr.exe process comes alongside audio hardware developed by Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Realtek Multimedia includes Realtek AC97 Audio hardware that provides monitoring capabilities. Upon execution, it calls the host of DLLs, Exes and other fundamental processes needed to run the monitoring application. The alcmtr.exe file is an executable file that puts an icon in the system tray that allows you to monitor certain audio capabilities of your Realtek audio device.

The alcmtr.exe application uses 57344 KB on Windows XP. The process alcmtr.exe can be included to the list of startup processes by adding its entry on the Run, RunOnce, RunServices, or RunServicesOnce in the registry. There are several kinds of alcmtr.exe that can possibly be added to your system and their legitimacy can be checked through their file locations. The alcmtr.exe is a core component of Realtek audio hardware drivers thus it should be found on that hardware’s directory.

The alcmtr.exe process not only monitors your Realtek audio hardware device’s performance, it also monitors user’s events and keeps logs of certain events. The process alcmtr.exe or Realtek AC97Audio – Event Monitor is installed upon the installation of the hardware device and is used by Realtek to gather data about their customers. Though it is not considered as a hazard to your system, it was branded as spyware by certain anti-spyware programs due to its capability to store the user’s information.

The icon in the system tray that the alcmtr.exe process creates initializes a window application that shows your audio hardware’s status and gives control over the properties of your Realtek audio hardware. It runs as a background process for your audio hardware thus it should not be deleted or altered in any way if you wish to manage the functions of your Realtek Audio device. Remember to update your anti-malware products, to be safeguarded from ambiguous copies of the alcmtr.exe file that might attack and cause problems to your system.

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

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Realtek Multimedia

Memory Usage:
Low. The alcmtr.exe uses 57344 KB worth of disk space and uses around 400KB of RAM resources.

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Yes. It is used with Realtek Audio devices.

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