What is gdi32.dll?

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The gdi32.dll file is a valid dynamic link library file registered to Microsoft. The file gdi32.dll or Windows GDI Client DLL contains functions for the Windows GDI (Graphics Device Interface). This module of the Windows GDI assists windows in creating simple 2–dimensional objects. The gdi32.dll file is associated with drawing applications and font management.

The gdi32.dll module is a part of the Windows Graphics Device Interface, which, in turn, is a vital system DLL with respect to the graphical performance of the Windows system. The Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface enables programs and applications to use graphics and formatted text on both the video display and the printer. Windows-based applications do not directly access the graphics hardware. Instead, the gdi32.dll module is called to interact with device drivers on behalf of applications.

The gdi32.dll module is applicable in all Windows-based applications. It is also an application programming interface (API) used in programming platforms such as C/ C++.

The gdi32.dll file is described as GDI Client DLL in the list of existing DLLs for Windows. This module occupies 278,016 bytes of physical memory and is a file that is fundamental to the Windows system. It is bundled with Windows Service Pack 2 and has its latest version of 5.1.2600.2180.

The gdi32.dll module is associated with the Win32 GDI of the Windows Graphics Device Interface. The Win32 GDI is a user-mode Application Programming Interface used by Win32 applications that require graphics support. The Win32 GDI library that is readily accessible to Win32 applications can be found in the file gdi32.dll. It calls functions listed in wingdi.h and redirects them to the application-supplied data to kernel-mode GDI by way of executive system services in the NT-based operating system.

The Windows GDI also has its kernel-mode GDI that exports several services and functions that can be called by device drivers to perform a host of drawing and graphics-related operations. This allows graphics drivers to use minimal resources to obtain the required graphics functionality. The process gdi32.dll is also associated with win32k.sys as the core components of the Windows Graphics Device Interface.

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Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface

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Low. The gdi32.dll file uses 278,016 bytes of physical memory in Windows XP.

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