What is capicom.dll?

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The capicom.dll file is associated with the CAPICOM module of Microsoft. It is essential to the development of applications that use CAPICOM objects. The capicom.dll module is also required and must be registered in order to use CAPICOM objects. This file should be added to Visual Basic project references to access the full functions of CAPICOM objects.

The capicom.dll module has a known file size of 466,944 bytes. The capicom.dll module is used to call the functions of CAPICOM. CAPICOM is a function set used with encryption operations of Web pages and can be found in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). CAPICOM may be used to digitally sign codes and data, verify digital signatures, envelop data for privacy, hash data and data encryption or decryption.

The current version of the capicom.dll file for the CAPICOM is To be able to use the full capabilities of the CAPICOM module, the capicom.dll file should be registered using the command prompt. At the command prompt, you must change the directory to where the capicom.dll file is stored and the regsvr32 capicom.dll command input must be entered. Upon the registration of the capicom.dll module, the full features of the CAPICOM module can be used.

Although operations with relation to the capicom.dll module’s CAPICOM objects can be done on any computer by any user, the creation of digital signatures and the retrieval of plain text contents of enveloped messages using CAPICOM objects are all certificate-based operations. A digital certificate along with its associated private key is required to enable any user to create a digital signature and retrieve the encrypted contents of the enveloped message. If any of these certificates is not available, the cryptographic operation will not proceed. CAPICOM users must ensure that they have the proper certificate and private key when the application is running. The capicom.dll file was developed by Microsoft Corporation for the CAPICOM module, which can be used in signing digital signatures and verifying of encrypted or decrypted data.

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Low. The capicom.dll file uses 466944 bytes of physical memory.

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