Oops: Lost Family Photos

Money smart ways to recover your lost files
December 2008
by Kai Davis

With family and friends around, the holidays are an great time to create some fantastic memories. Digital cameras make it so easy to capture those memories.

You will never have another opportunity to take a photo of the grandkids' first Christmas. Your son will only propose to his girlfriend in front of the Christmas tree once. Aunt Edna doesn't come to visit too many times.

Even though today's digital cameras and computers are fairly easy to operate, accidents can happen. One wrong push of a button or an errant click and your treasured photos can be gone forever! But, are they?

Computers have many hiding places and your important pictures could still be on your camera, computer or memory card. One way to try to access them is to hire a technician. They can be expensive, costing upwards of $50 an hour. It also means the hassle of having someone come to your home or hauling your computer or camera to the repair shop for a few days.

Data recovery software can retrieve those photos, as well as a variety of other files, for you. These programs can save you expensive technicians' fees. The best ones will scan not only complete computer hard drives, but also digital cameras, memory cards in card readers, MP3 players and iPods.

These programs can find deleted files that have been recycled, encrypted or compressed or data from freshly formatted or partitioned drives. As well, some include the very helpful feature of text search. It allows you to search by a word or phrase for deleted files. This can be very handy in finding Grandma's secret gingerbread recipe that your sister emailed.

It can also be a good idea to consider a data recovery program that recovers emails and email attachments. You'd hate to have those photos from the family reunion gone forever due to a tiny mistake.

Yes, the holidays are a wonderful time of year and photos can help preserve those memories. Data recovery software1 is a way to give yourself some piece of mind about the digital photos you take.

1 ParetoLogic Data Recovery software will powerfully scan a wide variety of devices, including computers, cameras and most iPods, for files that can be retrieved.

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