FileCure: Simplify Your Computer

We Launch Our Newest & Best Software Yet!
December 2009
by Robin Wark

Have you ever received a file from a friend that you just cannot open? You tried double-clicking and that did not work. Then you got creative and tried to open it with Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop Elements, PowerPoint and anything else that came to mind. Still, nothing worked!

This process can be very time consuming and frustrating. Thankfully, there is now an easy way to tackle unknown and strange file types. ParetoLogic's new FileCure software will help you open troublesome files as well as being the solution to other common file extension and file association problems.

FileCure is ready to help you open the files you want, whenever you need them. FileCure will automatically help you fix your file problems:

  • When you try to open an unsupported file type
  • If a file extension is entered into the search box
  • When you manually open the program and start a scan
  • If you drag and drop a file onto the FileCure desktop icon or onto the open FileCure window

Try a free scan with FileCure.

After it has deeply scanned your computer, FileCure presents an easy-to-read list of unsupported files and file extension errors. File extensions are the suffixes (often three or four letters) that come after a file name. They include .doc, .pdf. .mp3,.rar and many others. These tell your computer what the file type is and which software to use. For example, .mp3 indicates an audio file and that a media player of some kind is needed. If you do not have the software installed on your PC to open some file extensions, FileCure will link you to the appropriate program.

Plus, FileCure can solve your file association issues. Have you ever double-clicked on a file and it will not open – even though you know the correct program is installed? The problem is likely that the wrong software, or no program at all, is associated with that file extension or format. With FileCure's Manage feature, you can easily change which program is associated with each file extension or type. It can even choose different programs to open, edit and print files.

In order to ensure that the correct software is associated with specific file types, FileCure include a handy Monitor feature. It will alert you if something is trying to change your file associations. At times, some software programs try to give themselves the right to open various formats. This can be annoying when the wrong program opens a file.

FileCure makes dealing with file extensions and associations much less frustrating. Its ease of use starts with a quick and simple download and free scan process. Registration is also easy. After that, ParetoLogic is always available to help thanks to its dedicated, well-respected Customer Care and Technical Support Team. ParetoLogic is also always working to make its products even better. You benefit from this with free database and program updates for the length of your subscription.

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