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Ignore Settings

After a scan you can add detected items to the Ignore list so that RegCure Pro does not fix the item and will ignore it for upcoming scans. You will need to do this when the results are displayed.

To view the Ignore Settings:

To send an item to the Ignore list:

Scan Result Item - Ignore

The item is removed from the list of detected items and is placed in the Ignore list. You can remove items from the Ignore list. When you do this they are once again available to be scanned and detected.

To remove items from the Ignore list:

  1. From the left pane of the program window, click the Settings tab and click the Ignore Settings button.
  2. Select the heading to expand a list of items.
  3. Click the X button next to the item you wish to remove from the ignore list.
  4. Click Remove All to remove all items from your ignore list.

Ignore Settings Page




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