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Zango Media Gateway

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Infected with Zango Media Gateway ?

The Zango Media Gateway program delivers advertisements in the system.

This program is made to show targeted advertisements to the users. The advertisement quality is chosen based on the victim's Web searches and surfing routine, which are all arranged by the Zango Media Gateway program servers.
An adware program is any software function where advertising is shown while the program is working. The authors of these functions include additional codes to distribute the ads. These ads can be seen via pop-up Windows or through a bar that emerges on a computer screen and oftentimes through text links and in integrated exploration results. This adware may or may not trace personal information. This also compiles information secretly or in comprehension only. The users should ensure the Privacy and EULA policy to guarantee if the adware on their computers matches their standards.
The Zango Media Gateway application is a program that offers free browsing to its users such as games, applications, media, and other software. To show targeted advertisements, this application software gathers data about the user's surfing habits and Web searches and submits the information to servers. The process also has a related software brand named as Seekmo Search Assistant. This application was a product of 180solutions. After June 7th, 2006, 180solutions and Hotbar merged together and this malware was taken as the company name.
This Trojan is able to monitor and manipulate Internet activities and steal critical data from the victim. This Trojan hacks names and even hidden passwords. This Trojan does the routines once a user gains access through websites in relation to definite online banking organizations.

180 Solutions

Vendor URL

Threat Level: Moderate Risk
Zango Media Gateway Characteristics
Displays ads
Records personal data / keystrokes  
Hijacks internet browser  
Allows remote influence  
Downloads unsolicited files  
Disables programs / system  
Makes unauthorized phone calls  
Exploits a security flaw  
Floods internet connection  
Distributes threats  
Tracks browsing activity with installed applications
Tracks browsing activity with cookies  
Installs without user consent  
Inadequate uninstall procedures  
Insufficient privacy disclosure and consent  
Uses excessive system resources  
Makes fraudulent claims about spyware detection and removal  
Performs Silent Updates  

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