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Possible Browser Hijack attempt

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Infected with Possible Browser Hijack attempt ?

“Possible Browser Hijack attempt” is a descriptor for what could be a browser hijacker, a program that points your Web browser to specific websites, sets your homepage to something other than the one you’ve chosen, or captures keystrokes and information that you enter into a Web browser. Browser hijackers may also hijack Web searches to use a specific website or search engine.


Vendor URL

Threat Level: High Risk
Possible Browser Hijack attempt Characteristics
Displays ads  
Records personal data / keystrokes  
Hijacks internet browser
Allows remote influence  
Downloads unsolicited files  
Disables programs / system  
Makes unauthorized phone calls  
Exploits a security flaw  
Floods internet connection  
Distributes threats  
Tracks browsing activity with installed applications  
Tracks browsing activity with cookies  
Installs without user consent  
Inadequate uninstall procedures  
Insufficient privacy disclosure and consent  
Uses excessive system resources  
Makes fraudulent claims about spyware detection and removal  
Performs Silent Updates  

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