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Comodo Trust Toolbar

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Infected with Comodo Trust Toolbar ?

The Comodo Trust Toolbar application is an adware in the BHO or Browser Helper Object form.

The program is installed as a Browser Helper Object (BHO) capable of displaying ads to the user's computer. It is a program that can be used by the user for verifying the validity and security of websites and for searching and navigating websites without even the need of typing in URLs.

Reports also claim that the Comodo Trust Toolbar program has browser hijacking capabilities that allow the modifications on the user's browser settings and rerouting the browser to unwanted or even hostile websites.

The adware may be downloaded from the developer's website. It usually deceives the user as to the program's use since it claims to the user that it is a valid security checker when in fact, it is a browser hijacker.

Despite the option to install granted to users, the program is nevertheless installed even if the user chooses not to install it. Even if the user says no to its installation, the program will still secretly install itself into the user's computer.

Once the Comodo Trust Toolbar program has been installed into the system, it conceals itself from the user and carries out its payload on the user's background. It also attempts to make a connection with the Internet to enable it to carry out its activities on the user's computer. The program has the ability to repair, update, and spread by itself; thereby, making attempts to uninstall it a complicated process.

Experts claim that the program is a malicious browser plug-in module. The program displays a huge volume of advertisements that annoy and interrupt the user's use of the computer. It also exposes the computer to further threats because of the malicious files and programs it downloads from the Internet. It also infringes on the user's privacy and is a big threat to the security of the user's saved data.

The Comodo Trust Toolbar program reportedly creates the following system files and processes:

* ComodoTrustToolbar.exe;
* ttbbho.dll;
* and ComodoTrustToolbar.exe.

This application was developed on August 16, 2004 by one of the foremost Internet security specialists known as Comodo CA Limited. It is also known by the following names:

* Comodo Trust;
* ComodoTrust Toolbar;
* and ComodoTrustToolbar.

Its author is Comodo CA Limited, “a leading Internet security specialist,” according to their website.

Vendor URL,

Threat Level: High Risk
Comodo Trust Toolbar Characteristics
Displays ads
Records personal data / keystrokes  
Hijacks internet browser
Allows remote influence  
Downloads unsolicited files  
Disables programs / system  
Makes unauthorized phone calls  
Exploits a security flaw  
Floods internet connection  
Distributes threats  
Tracks browsing activity with installed applications  
Tracks browsing activity with cookies  
Installs without user consent  
Inadequate uninstall procedures  
Insufficient privacy disclosure and consent  
Uses excessive system resources  
Makes fraudulent claims about spyware detection and removal  
Performs Silent Updates  

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