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BHO N Trojan

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Infected with BHO N Trojan ?

The BHO N Trojan program downloads unsolicited files on the computer.

The BHO N Trojan program may also be detected as the Trojan-Clicker.Win32.BHO.n program. It installs on a computer stealthily. It does not request the user's consent upon installation. The BHO N Trojan program may add some files on the computer. These include the files:

* 0.exe;
* qvktcwwsgjrkx.dll;
* and rxm2.exe.

It may also add some registry entries to enable its startup each time the user boots the computer.

The BHO N Trojan software may enter a computer through security flaws and system vulnerabilities. A computer not protected by a firewall or a security application may easily be infected with this Trojan program. Systems not updated with the latest patch for vulnerabilities may also be infected with this Trojan software.

The BHO N Trojan software may utilize the computer's Internet connection to connect to remote websites and download and install unsolicited files on the system. These illicit files may include spyware and adware programs, worm applications, backdoor software, BHO (Browser Helper Objects) and other components that may add to the computer's vulnerability.

The additional components may take up a lot of the infected computer's space. This may result in system instability and slower computer performance. Some of the added applications may be able to transmit the user's personal information to remote users.

Sources say that the BHO N Trojan program may also distribute threats to other computers. Threats may be transmitted when an infected computer is connected to other systems through a network. Threats may also be transmitted when users utilize file sharing programs and instant messenger applications to send and receive files. P2P (peer-to-peer) applications are said to be full of threats. These threats may be unknowingly downloaded by users as they are disguised under file names of popular downloads and legitimate programs. These threats are installed automatically on the infected computer.


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Threat Level: Severe Risk
BHO N Trojan Characteristics
Displays ads  
Records personal data / keystrokes  
Hijacks internet browser  
Allows remote influence  
Downloads unsolicited files
Disables programs / system  
Makes unauthorized phone calls  
Exploits a security flaw
Floods internet connection  
Distributes threats
Tracks browsing activity with installed applications  
Tracks browsing activity with cookies  
Installs without user consent
Inadequate uninstall procedures  
Insufficient privacy disclosure and consent  
Uses excessive system resources  
Makes fraudulent claims about spyware detection and removal  
Performs Silent Updates  

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