While ParetoLogic has received a number of awards, the most important judge for us is you! Many customers have taken the time to let us know just how ParetoLogic Privacy Controls has enhanced their computing experience. It is always exciting to hear how this innovative, easy-to-use software has helped so many!

"It appears as though everything is working well now. Thank you so very much for taking the time a patience with me. I know us non-computer folks can be trying for you at times.

You did a great job!"

Harry Brown

"Have to say I'm always impressed with such excellent service from the team at ParetoLogic.

I've no hesitation in many times recommending the products and services to many colleagues and friends.

Kind regards,"

Brian Chadwick

"I will say one thing right now. I was/am extremely pleased with Privacy Controls. It does a super job.

Thank you"

James Carey

"I can now rely on Privacy Controls again to help me with my PC administration. Thanks so much again for your help and all your products.

They are a blessing for the 'average joe' trying to stay afloat in a sea of security related uncertainties out there!"

Vincent J. Gambino

"Many thanks for your rapid reply and for re-activating my account key. I have successfully followed through on your instructions, so am pleased to be using PL PC again.

As always, I am greatful for the care and attention that you and your colleagues have provided to me. I take every opportunity to promote your fine company to my colleagues.

All the best,"

T. M.

"Your solution was exactly what I needed. The problem was fixed perfectly, and the response was prompt. I just want to send this as a thank you for excellent customer service."

Steven Klara

"All now seems to be working fine.

Once again thanks for your prompt response and solution.
I am really impressed with your products, over the years they have been the most reliable of any protection software I have used!"

Best wishes

Alan Atherton

"Hi ParetoLogic Team,

Success at last! Your last recommendation has worked a treat and resolved the problems that I was encountering. ParetoLogic Privacy Control software now operates appropriately. No further action is required. A 1st class software support service! Thank you very much."

Kind Regards,

Leon Smith


S U C C E S S!!!!

Privacy Control installed and running like a dream.

This is support. This is responsibility. This is standing behind your product and doing what has to be done to help a customer."


Miguel Deleon-Blanco

"I've been working with computers for 25 yrs and when I bought this Dell I found referrals on here to use Webroot products instead of yours. I've used Windows Washer for a long time but I found as time went on their product got more complicated to use and it took too much time to do the job., even on new machines but your Privacy Controls is fast and very effective, it doesn't leave you sitting there drinking a cup of coffee and eating a sandwich waiting for the program to clean your machine so you can actually use it. That is what great about ParetoLogic programs. Keep up the good work"


Ralph Snidow

"What I do is Classified and I have a Classified Operational Status. I also write for Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Journals. I find your Privacy program to be very effective for my particular purposes. I do comprehensive research and the fact is that my ASUS Notebook which requires triple authentication, i.e. facial recognition through the Web Cam, Finger Print Reader which measures body temperature so it cannot be "fooled with a copy of a fingerprint," as well as a password. I could have a very long random generated password however that is not necessary because my hard drives are encrypted. In February, someone targeted me specifically and caused my computer to crash. Apparently they could not find information that was not encrypted. What you are doing to develop programs in very important to many of us who are engaged in classified work."

Thank you very much


Name Withheld by Request, Chief Counsel, United States Congress (Ret.)

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