Power, Performance, Protection. ParetoLogic products put you in control of your PC's performance and security.

Take this opportunity to optimize and secure your PC now!

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Digital Care AntiVirus

This easy-to-use software protects all aspects of your PC’s security. Cutting edge technology scans and removes viruses, while targeted tools protect your digital life against real-time risks.

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Automatic backup for your PC and Android devices: Protect photos, music, video and other files online against accidental deletion, computer malfunctions and other PC problems. Use the sync function to access your files from any computer or Android device – never worry about file size again!

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ParetoLogic RegCure Pro

Fast and easy-to-use, this advanced software can improve your computer’s performance. It has tools to improve startup times, defrag, remove active malware processes, and much more.

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ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor

The only PC optimization software you need!
It is packed with tools to help you defrag, stop unwanted processes, improve startup times, and tackle other computer issues.
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ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer (Free Trial Subscription)

Get a FREE one-year subscription with full functionality. EasyFileViewer opens a wide variety of file extensions, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, SIT, 7Z, RAR, JPG, TIFF, XLS, XLSX, HTM, HTML, RTF and more.

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ParetoLogic FileCure

Fix your file problems quickly and easily with FileCure.
Find the software you need to open those strange
and mysterious file types you received.
Buy ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro

Bring accidentally deleted emails and their attachments back
to life. You can also recover a wide variety of other file types.
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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

Finds and removes files from P2P, Media, MS Office,
and third-party applications that you don't want on your PC!
Buy XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro

XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro (Retired)

Trusted name in spyware protection, now offers premium defenses against viruses. Uses cutting edge detection and Active Protection to protect you.
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ParetoLogic Internet Security (Retired)

Superior protection against the dangers of being online. Crush malware, phishing, browser and network attacks to keep your system clean and online activities safe!

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