While ParetoLogic has received a number of awards, the most important judge for us is you! Many customers have taken the time to let us know just how ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro has enhanced their computing experience. It is always exciting to hear how this innovative, easy-to-use software has helped so many!

"I recently purchased your Data Recovery Pro after accidentally deleting all the files on my second hard drive. This drive contained years of photos and family videos as well as other important information. I purchased your product, even though I was not convinced that it would be able to fully restore all of these treasured items.

I would just like to say a big thank you, all my photos and videos are restored and I will be eternally grateful for your wonderful software.

I will be recommending your product to all I know. Again, a big thank you."


Marie Moore

"After trying numerous data recovery programs & searches without success to locate missing photo files & I mean "missing," I was about to consult a computer technician when I found Pareto Logic who offered a free trial of their product, to my surprise & relief the missing photos appeared."

"I had no hesitation in purchasing the Pro Data Recovery program & successfully downloaded the photos. This great product is exceptional value. The team at Pareto Logic are professional & extremely helpful, I am pleased to recommend this company, it has to be the best in the business."

John Evans, Australia

"If you guys need testimonials let me add my support. I inadvertently deleted an entire wedding job off of a 4 gig memory card. What's worse is I began using that same memory card before I realized it. I was in an utter state of panic. I downloaded your software and it was able to recover about 90% of my work. The remaining unrecoverable was due to that portion of the memory card overwritten by the camera. Bottom line I have digital files that I can work with. I tried one of your competitors and it could not even locate ONE file. Yours located some 14,000 files. Granted most of those were nebulous pieces of digital photos. But the 100 or so that I needed I was able to recover."

Roger McClary

"All I can say is that recovery S/W saved over 2,000 pictures and files from being lost forever.......OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sue Juke

"I'm out of the dog house now. I had accidentally crashed my computer after I had downloaded the pictures of my wife's nephew's wedding. Pictures were gone. I thought for a while I was going to have to put the dog out of his house. I got your software to work after my wife quit threatening me with divorce. She's all happy now thanks to your excellent software. It had retrieved shots she had forgotten about even. Thanks a million and please forgive me for the caustic email I sent before I had learned how to use the software.

After using it, a baby could do it if you held him up to it. LOL. Thanks again and happy holidays."


James Kinkennon

"I don't know if anyone will see this, But I had 208 pictures on my phone that I had lost in trying to load onto my computer. The last three months of my children's' life was on that memory stick. I tried everything. Then I formatted the memory stick so I could put it back in my phone. Then I tried your program and I am still smiling three days later that your program worked. So Thank you very very much, for your program. It was worth every penny for me."

Thanks again.

Jodi Vitti

"You guys rock!

I just recovered my daughter's photos (5,000!) that I had lost after completing a low level format of an external hard drive by mistake. You need to understand that I formatted the drive not once but twice (wrong target drive) during a reload of XP and still recovered the shots. You guys are legends in our house."

Darryl Jackson

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