Operating System Requirements:
Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP.

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Hey Guys,
I performed a free scan on my machine and, not only was your scan much faster than the two competitive products that I regularly use (make that 'used'), but it found 47 objects of significant threat that the others failed to detect. My machine is configured with 512mbs of RAM of which over 250mbs was being used prior to the scan.

After purchasing your software (great price btw), not only did my machine finally lose some deeply embedded malware problems, but my memory usage dropped 80mbs my standard SOHO machine now runs faster and cleaner than ever before!

Despite firewall protection, anti-virus, two spy ware real-time prevention cleaners, and diligent permission administration I was still getting whacked over the wire with all sorts of threats. Since using your product, I have de-installed those competitive solutions and am now operating much cleaner and faster.

Thanks for the great software and thanks for helping out my small business, my customers appreciate it!

Joe L.
Murrieta, California USA

I recently purchased XoftSpy in an endeavour to locate the cause of Internet Explorer crashing and my registry continually being corrupted. For the past three months I have been continually changing my banking and other access passwords as I was unsure if the virus was breaching my privacy. I was initially against purchasing XoftSpy as two other software vendors could not locate my problem, nor could Microsoft support. XoftSpy located the virus (Trojan) and eradicated it. Explorer no longer crashes and my registry remains 100% clean.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank your team for developing XoftSpy which is simple to use, exceptionally effective and very well priced. Kind regards

Sam (from Down Under)
Disturbing Fact:  91% of computers are infected by Spyware

Determine if your privacy and security is at risk.
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XoftSpySE is the Latest and Most Advanced Spyware Detection and Removal application on the Internet. We will prevent anyone from "spying" on your Internet activites.

Use our Free Scanner to find out if your PC is infected with:

Spyware   W32/Spybot   Browser Hijackers
Adware   Malware   Keyloggers

What is Spyware?

Spyware is the most prevalent threat to online computer privacy and security
It allows companies to track your Internet patterns and record your credit card and any other personal information without your permission
Spyware allows users to take control of their browser and alter your computer system files
These computer parasites slow down your Internet connection by inundating you with unwanted spyware pop-up ads
It cannot be detected by anti-virus and firewall software
9 out of 10 computers are infected by Spyware

Who Would Benefit from Anti-Spyware Software, XoftSpySE?

Anyone who surfs the Internet or shares their computer with others
Computer users who share files such as music and pictures with other individuals

How Can XoftSpySE Protect your Security and Privacy?

Complete scan of your computer system to detect Spyware parasites
Quarantine infected files for immediate protection
Ability to review and remove all forms of Spyware
Regular updates on new Spyware threats

For Privacy and Security in 60 Seconds,
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