ParetoLogic Serves Up Breakfast at Local Charity

ParetoLogic extended a helping hand to disadvantaged Victoria citizens and a hard-working charity. The Victoria software company recently sponsored and helped serve breakfast at the Our Place Society.

Victoria software company ParetoLogic recently played a role in ensuring some of its city’s most vulnerable citizens got their day off to a good start.

ParetoLogic sponsored and helped serve up a breakfast at the Our Place Society. In addition to other important services, the Our Place Society serves 1,200 meals a day free of charge. These meals are crucial for people experiencing poverty and homelessness, struggling with mental and physical disabilities, seniors on fixed incomes and the working poor.

“We want to thank ParetoLogic for their participation in our Sponsor-a-Breakfast program,” said Don Evans, Executive Director of the Our Place Society. “Their generous support made it possible for us to provide a special breakfast to hundreds of the most disadvantaged in our community.”

Eight members of ParetoLogic, spearheaded by the Go Team, the company’s in-house engagement team, helped serve the meal.

“What struck me is that the people were so grateful to us for supplying and serving the food for them,” ParetoLogic’s Marlee Wilson said. “So gracious and full of smiles.”

Wilson and other members of ParetoLogic were impressed with Our Place’s Pandora Avenue Facility and its staff.

“One of the things that really impressed me was the people who work there. They have such a great attitude and are truly passionate about providing the best service/care for the people they are there for,” ParetoLogic’s Daniel Howard said. “In addition the facility is truly amazing, providing a wide range of services in a very efficient and well-thought-out manner. Seeing places like this restores my faith in humanity, true good is done in places like this by people who really care.”

In addition to its meals program, the Our Place Society offers transitional housing, a hygiene area where 60 people take a shower a day, a variety of programs, and support. ParetoLogic plans to help the Our Place Society in other ways in the future as well as continuing its involvement with other charities. For more on the Our Place Society, please see

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