ParetoLogic Doubles Charity Donation to Build Schools in Kenya and Haiti

After raising $10,000 to build a school in Kenya, ParetoLogic has matched the donations that came from staff fundraising in order to build a second school in Haiti.

Victoria, B.C., October 3, 2012 – Following their successful campaign to raise funds to build a school in Kenya, ParetoLogic has doubled their donation amount. With a new total of $20,000, ParetoLogic has now raised enough money to build both a school in Kenya as well as a school in Haiti. Both schools are being built through the international charity Free the Children.

“In Canada it’s tempting to take education for granted,” said Elton Pereira, ParetoLogic Co-Founder and Chairman. "But the fact is that there are huge numbers of children around the world who never get the opportunity to receive an education. By contributing in this way we know that we are not just building a school, but helping these children to build their own future."

ParetoLogic staff had initially committed to raise $10,000, funds that will go towards Free the Children to build a school in Kenya. Staff conducted various fundraisers, including in-house auctions, bake sales, and creative competitions among coworkers. The additional $10,000 for a school in Haiti comes from the founders of ParetoLogic themselves, who were moved by the initial success.

"After seeing the amazing efforts that staff put forward, it was important that the company show the same level of commitment," said Pereira. "I believe these levels of donations are possible for most companies, and the effect it will have on the lives of thousands of children and their communities is remarkable."

Free the Children is an international charity that works to give children in developing nations the tools and education to build strong lives and strong communities. Free the Children uses the Adopt-A-Village model to build schools, develop potable water sources, and spread awareness programs. The charity is active primarily in Sierra Leone, India, Nicaragua, and, as ParetoLogic discovered, Haiti and Kenya.

More information about Free the Children can be found at

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