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Pareto's Perks

Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but what about the fall?

Regular cleaning and maintenance year round keeps your computer running at its best. ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor features a great suite of tools to sweep away errors, malware and clutter that slows down your computer.

Its main scan finds the system and registry errors that cause crashes, freezing and poor performance. PC Health Advisor also seeks and kicks out active malware. This can include viruses, spyware. Trojan downloaders and other unwanted programs that can hurt your PC's performance - as well as cause other problems.

PC Health Advisor is great for getting rid of items you do not need. For example, it reclaims space by removing duplicate and temporary items. PC Health Advisor also deletes your Internet history and privacy files to protect your confidential information. This advanced software can remove unneeded browser toolbars and add-ons. As well, it can remove unwanted programs and processes from the startup items list so that they don't try to launch when you boot up - and slow you down!

A big part of cleaning is organizing. This is another area that PC Health Advisor excels at! It will defragment your PC's memory. When files are saved, they are often broken up into smaller parts and stored wherever they fit. If you need a file, your computer has to take time to hunt for all of the parts. Defragmenting puts all of the parts close together to cut down on file saving and recall times.

PC Health Advisor is packed with these features and many more. To learn more about how PC Health Advisor can increase your computer's speed and performance, please click on the links above. Click here to find out about ParetoLogic's complete line of PC optimization and security products.


Internet Security

Tip of the Month

Some browser add-ons and plug-ins can be security risks. It is a good idea to only use plug-ins you trust. ParetoLogic software such as PC Health Advisor and XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware can help you disable unwanted plug-ins.


Questions & Answers

Q. When I log onto my online bank, my computer seems to know my username and password when I only type a couple letters of each. Should I be worried about this?

Signed: Am I Paranoid

A. Dear Am I Paranoid:

This is a great question! Your Internet browser often stores all kinds of information, including log-ins, passwords and online credentials for various websites. It does this through the use of what are called cookies. These are files stored on your system after you visit a website. Cookies can be used for several purposes, including saving usernames and passwords.

It is good that you are concerned about this. Cookies can be helpful as you do not have to enter all of your information each time you visit a website. However, someone with access to your computer could enter accounts and hurt you financially or, through social networking and other methods, your reputation.

It is a good idea to regularly clean the cookies from your browser. You can do this via the web browser. As well, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is a powerful utility designed to make sure cookies and confidential or possibly embarrassing information is permanently deleted.

ParetoLogic would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions or comments to: newsletter@paretologic.com

*Please note: Due to available space, questions may not appear exactly as originally written.


Top Story

ParetoLogic a Fast 500 company

ParetoLogic's innovation and dedication to customer service has propelled it to a spot on the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

The Victoria, B.C. software company placed 112th on the latest edition of the prestigious list. For 17 years, the Technology Fast 500 has ranked North American technology companies based on percentage fiscal year growth over a five year period. From the 2006 to 2010, ParetoLogic grew 939 per cent. The company also placed 24th on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. This list ranks Canada's fastest growing tech companies.

"ParetoLogic has been successful because of our focus on the customer experience," ParetoLogic Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Don Wharton said. "We create innovative products that deal with the common computer issues users of all abilities face. These are items like a poor performing computer, outdated drivers, malware or not being able to open a file. Our programs are easy-to-use and our team offers great customer support and assistance. It is these things, along with creativity and perseverance, that has helped us grow at such an impressive rate."

Learn more: What has helped ParetoLogic grow »

ParetoLogic Media Room: For more than just journalists

While it is called the media room, that section of the ParetoLogic website isn't just for journalists.

The media room is a gateway to a variety of interesting information about ParetoLogic products. It will certainly help reporters and editors filing stories about the company's innovative and easy-to-use PC optimization, utility and security software. However, it also provides home users with valuable information about common computer problems and ParetoLogic's solutions.

"Anyone interested in software can learn something by perusing ParetoLogic's media room," said Robin Wark, ParetoLogic's copywriter. "It contains great information about each of our products as well as the problems and issues they tackle."

ParetoLogic's media room features links to specific sections for each product. This way visitors to the page can find what they require about such security solutions as XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware and ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS, optimization software like ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor, or utilities such as ParetoLogic DriverCure.

Learn more: Find out what information is in the media room »

Be safe when shopping online

No matter whether you are shopping for Christmas, a birthday present or a little something for yourself, you need to safe when making transactions online. Here are some tips to keep in mind when surfing for that great item online:

Check the URL: When you get to the part of the transaction process where you enter credit card or debit card info, check to make sure the URL states "https://" instead of the regular "http://". The "https" indicates a secure page where the confidential info you enter is encrypted so that only the intended party can read it and process your order.

See what the policies are: Different companies - and especially different countries - have varying policies for returns, refunds, deliveries, payment, guarantees and other matters.

Learn more: About what you can do to protect yourself »

ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2009.
In its effort to create successful products and a great work environment, ParetoLogic and its members have been recognized with various honours and awards.

Company Awards

ParetoLogic is proud to have received numerous awards and honours over the years. These have recognized products, the company's leadership, different teams, ParetoLogic's innovation and its exponential growth. The honours have come from international companies, such as Ernest & Young; respected Canadian entities, like Profit magazine and the Branham Group; and local institutions, including the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC).
Visit our Awards page for a complete list of company and product honours.

Inclusion Award

ParetoLogic's dedication to its staff was recognized with the Inclusion Award. Presented by WCG International HR Solutions, the award honours the company for being accommodating to people with disabilities and for including them in the workplace.

Product of the Year

ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor was named the Product of the Year at the annual VIATeC awards. The honour recognized ParetoLogic for its success in commercializing an innovative technology product, in this case the all-in-one PC performance solution.


ParetoLogic earned a spot on the PROFIT 200. The software company ranked 51st on the prestigious list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies published by PROFIT Magazine. The PROFIT 200 ranks Canadian companies by five-year revenue growth.

Product of the Year Finalist

ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor – the all-in-one PC performance solution – has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 VIATeC Product of the Year award. The Victoria Advanced Technology Council presents the award annually to a Greater Victoria company that has achieved success with the commercialization of an innovative product.

ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2011.
ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2011.

Affiliate Summit West 2011

At the Affiliate Summit West 2011, ParetoLogic representatives were pleased to be able to spend time with many of their long-time trusted affiliate partners. During the Jan. 9-11 Las Vegas event company members, including Co-Founder, President, and CEO Elton Pereira, also enjoyed getting to make new friends as well. Around the event, ParetoLogic announced a new contest for affiliates.

Malware Diaries Blog
Malware Diaries Blog

What awaits you online?

Malware Diaries gives you an inside look at what is going on in the world of spyware and malware and how to secure your computer and yourself from new and emerging threats.

Sound Advice - Open Mic with Malware Diaries' bloggers

Members of ParetoLogic's Spyware Analysis Team (S.W.A.T.) were guests of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Our Computer Security specialists discussed malware, spyware and viruses with host Bill McCarter. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as the S.W.A.T. team gives advice and field questions from the listening audience...

Sound Advice - Speaking out on behalf of children and PGsurfer

ParetoLogic's Communications Director was a guest of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Amanda and host Bill McCarter discussed Internet security and the safety benefits for families and children using the free PGsurfer software. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as our resident authority gives sound advice and fields question from the listening audience...

Malware Diaries Blog »

Tips And Tricks
Tips and Tricks

What is Tips and Tricks?

Ever wonder what a ParetoLogic product feature does? Looking for tricks to make your computing life easier? You have come to the right place! Each month we will report on a tip, trick or maybe just something cool associated with a featured ParetoLogic product.

Managing Defragmenting

Defragmenting is a great way to optimize your computer's memory, which can increase its speed in doing some operations. Defragging puts all of the pieces of a file close together so they can quickly be found and loaded.

While ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor features a very efficient defragmenter, it can take some time to analyze and defrag your system. Defrag times can depend on the available resources, how many files you have, the size of your disk volume, and how fragmented your PC's memory is.

It is a good idea to defrag during some "down time." It is best to not have other programs and processes running.

Geek Speak
Geek Speak

Does it all sound Greek to you?

Don't fear! Each month we explain a word or phrase connected to computers. As well as giving you a better understanding of PCs, you will also be able to astound people with your newfound knowledge.

Drag and Drop

This common action can be used for a variety of purposes, including moving objects on your computer or opening files. You simply click on an object and, while continuing to hold down the mouse button, "drag" it to where you want it. Then you release the mouse button to "drop" it.

File extension FLV

The FLV file extension stands for Flash video. It is a container format used most often for the delivery of audio and video over the Internet. FLV files can be played using an Adobe Flash Players, commonly known as Flash and formerly called the Macromedia Flash Player. FLV is the popular online video format. It is used by such sites as Hulu, VEVO, YouTube and such news outlets as Reuters and BBC Online.

It can be confusing to know how to open various file extensions. ParetoLogic FileCure can help you find the necessary software to open these files. You can drag-and-drop files onto ParetoLogic FileCure for assistance.

Community Forum

"I use Health Advisor. The program keeps everything on my computer in both working and organizational order. This helps me a lot due to the fact that I don't have the time knowledge or patience to diagnose and troubleshoot issues within my system etc... The service I received was excellent! No doubt!! I would rate service, product, and user-friendliness a solid 10, on a scale of one to 10."


Learn more: about ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor

"I have faced no problems thanks to all of you. I am using ParetoLogic Privacy Controls and XoftSpySE. They have helped me to retain my privacy and helped me to not have problems with unwanted spyware."


Learn more: about XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware

"I have a HP. My PC start running slow. My program I bought is the DriverCure. Keeps everything running smooth."


Learn more: about ParetoLogic DriverCure

Team Player
Team Player

Here is your chance to learn more about a member of Team Pareto!

Each month we highlight a different member of ParetoLogic's standout team. You get some insight into their work life as well as their likes and dislikes.

Whether Sirrak is helping ParetoLogic clients as a technical service representative or spinning hot music mix as a DJ at a club or party, he strives to keep his cool.

"Patience is one of the big factors of Support as well as DJing," he said. "You have to stay calm in all situations in both DJing and (when helping) Support clients."

While computers can be frustrating at times, Sirrak uses music to relax. He said it is his escape from any issue or frustration. Sirrak particularly enjoys creating his own mixes and jams.

"Music makes me who I am, so making my own versions of songs makes it more unique," he said.

At ParetoLogic, Sirrak is very valuable for the calm way he helps clients. He is as skilled with a computer as he is with a set of turntables. Sirrak said what he likes best about his job is working with great people.

Sirrak Plays The Question Game:

Last song you downloaded: "Enjoy The Ride" (James Talk & Ridney Remix) - Roy Davis, Jr. Feat. J. Noize & Kaye Fox

Last book, magazine, graphic novel or cereal box you read: Batman: Long Halloween

Movie you would recommend: Pulp Fiction

Bike, hike or yoga mat: Hike (Mount Finlayson, Victoria, B.C.)

Where Sirrak Plays:

As well as DJing and making new music, Sirrak enjoys cheering on the Vancouver Canucks. As well, he likes reading graphic novels. While he still loves Marvel Comics, he has been reading more DC Comics as of late. As a computer user, Sirrak seeks additional protection from ParetoLogic Privacy Controls. Be sure to check out the Internet Security Tip of the Month.

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