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Pareto's Perks

For three months, Jodi Panzer-Vitti documented the lives of her three children with her camera phone. There were smiling photos from trips and shots she planned to use for her son's home school portfolio.

She transferred them from her memory stick onto her computer. After viewing them on her PC, Jodi formatted the stick to create room for more great photos and put it back in her camera. When she went looking for the photos on her PC, she was shocked that all 208 of them were gone! Fortunately, Jodi found ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro online and gave it a try.

"I ran it on this memory stick and everything was on it and then some," Jodi wrote in an email interview. "I was ecstatic. I was smiling and jumping for joy for three days straight."

Jodi is one of many happy customers with ParetoLogic Data Recovery success stories. Data Recovery Pro scour your computer and peripheral storage devices to find files you thought were gone for good. As well, it can retrieve lost tunes from your iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic. Data Recovery Pro can search for specific text in a deleted document and use a sophisticated filtering system to make finding what you are looking for even easier.

One of the programs' best features is that they allows you to preview most files before you retrieve them. This particularly pleased Jodi when she was trying to find her precious photos.

"I viewed everything before I even paid for the product, so I knew it was going to work before I even paid for it. I liked not having to pay and then try it, not knowing if it worked."

Data Recovery Pro goes even further to help you find your deleted data. It can retrieve deleted emails and email attachments. Both programs give you peace of mind when using your computer. Things can go wrong, but Data Recovery Pro rectify them quickly. Just ask Jodi.

"Thank you very very much for your program. It was worth every penny for me."

Please click on the links to learn more about Data Recovery and Data Recovery Pro. Or click here to find how ParetoLogic's other products can secure and optimize your PC.


Internet Security

Tip of the Month

Be wary of opening suspicious email attachments. Pay attention to the filename extension of the attachment. When in doubt, do not open the suspicious file as it could possibly be a virus or spyware.


Questions & Answers

Q. Although it is a busy fall for our family, I think our children are spending more and more time on the computer. One of them is usually alone when we are off at an event with another child. Should I be worried?

Signed: "Concerned"

A. Dear "Concerned"
It is never bad to be concerned about your children! The challenge of keeping your kids safe online is not just being concerned about where they go but also about possible cyberstalkers and sexual predators who they could meet on the net.

It is very important to speak to your children and lay down some ground rules for Internet usage. Open communication is very important. Some families even go so far as to establish a safe surfing contract.

You might also want to consider installing parental controls software, such as the free PGsurfer. This is a useful tool that stops kids from visiting, even accidentally, questionable websites. It lets you create profiles for each of your children. That means you can set tighter restrictions for the younger ones. You also can choose to block chat rooms and even social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. As well, PGsurfer lets you set time limits on how much your children can use the computer.

Another way to help your kids online is to encourage them to visit sites you know are safe. There are a wide variety of great sites for children, including PGsurfer's companion website, SafeSurfer.org. It offers games, kid-friendly news and information about safe web surfing.

To learn more about PGsurfer, please click on the links. If you are looking for more information about online family safety please see the Websafe section of SafeSurfer.org.

ParetoLogic would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions or comments to: newsletter@paretologic.com

*Please note: Due to available space, questions may not appear exactly as originally written.


Top Story
Big phishers netted, but still fishing the Internet waters

Big phishers netted, but still fishing the Internet waters

While United States authorities have brought a pair of cyber criminals to North America to face charges from a massive phishing scheme, there are plenty more out there catching unsuspecting people in their nets.

The U.S. Department of Justice has extradited Petru Belbita, 25, and Cornel Tonita, 28, from Romania. The pair, who have plead not guilty, allegedly set up fake web sites to steal user names and passwords from customers of eBay and clients of financial institutions such as Citibank and Wells Fargo, according to a Sept. 29 PC World website article.

In March, one of their alleged co-conspirators, Ovidio-Onut Nicola-Roman of Romania, was the first foreign national to be convicted in the U.S. of phishing. He was sentenced to more than four years in prison. While police have nabbed these men, phishing continues worldwide, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group's Phishing Activity Trends Report for the First Half of 2009. The report showed that 49,084 unique phishing websites were detected in June. This is the most since a record high of 55,643 were detected in April of 2007.

"Phishing is a real risk for Internet users and targets everything from banking and gaming, up to social networking sites," said Jerome Segura, a respected security researcher who heads up ParetoLogic's Spyware Analysis Team (SWAT).

Learn more about how to avoid being a phishing victim »

Would-be parents use YouTube, Facebook to find birth mothers

People head to YouTube to watch all kinds of things, but to search for the potential adoptive parents of their children? In an effort to stand out from the crowd, today's would-be adoptive parents are heading online to YouTube, Facebook, blogs and other social networking sites and birth mothers are apparently paying attention.

In an Oct. 4 Globe and Mail story, Bethany Christian Services vice-president of marketing and communications Marc Andreas told the story of family who posted a YouTube video. The father was prominently featured flipping pancakes and doing a dance. Shortly after the video was posted, a birth mother chose the family for her child.

"It was endearing and it showed the humour and the energy for life the father had," said Andreas, whose Michigan-based organization is one of the largest U.S. adoption agencies.

A seven months pregnant college student named Amanda was prompted by a YouTube video to choose a particular family for her unborn child, according to a March 10 CNN.com story. She had gone through hundreds of profiles online and via adoption agencies before making her selection.

Learn more about the controversy regarding YouTube videos and birth moms »

Customs agents stopping crime one laptop at a time

Recent court cases have drawn attention to customs officers searching laptops at airports. While some might claim these searches invade privacy, proponents of them assert they have been effective.

Perhaps the highest profile case recently occurred in Canada. Ronald William White, a 25-year-old missionary from Virginia, received a 20-month sentence for importing nearly 5,000 images of child pornography into Canada. White admitted some of the images were taken in homes of families he had been to in 11 countries over the last five years, according to an Oct. 2 Winnipeg Free Press article.

The case brought to the attention of the national media the fact that laptop searches do occur.

"Officers are trained to search electronic media for child pornography, obscene material and hate propaganda," said Patrizia Giolti of the Canada Border Services Agency, in the Free Press article. "They receive training to familiarize themselves with computers and other devices and how to quickly identify potential files."

Learn more about laptop searches at airports »

ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2009.
Earlier this year ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit East 2009.

Affiliate Summit East 2009

ParetoLogic was pleased to be part of the Affiliate Summit East, which was held Aug. 9-11 in New York City. The event is the premier affiliate marketing conference in the Eastern United States. At the summit, ParetoLogic was pleased to announce a new and ongoing contest, which allows top-selling
ParetoLogic affiliates to win a
2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R.

Meeting the best

Every year the Affiliate Summit East draws the best affiliates and vendors from all over the world. It is an opportunity for affiliate marketing professionals and companies to exchange ideas, keep up on new trends and network. The ParetoLogic delegates were delighted to meet new people and pursue new and exciting opportunities.

Malware Diaries Blog
Malware Diaries Blog

What awaits you online?

Malware Diaries gives you an inside look at what is going on in the world of spyware and malware and how to secure your computer and yourself from new and emerging threats.

Sound Advice - Open Mic with Malware Diaries' bloggers

Members of ParetoLogic's Spyware Analysis Team (S.W.A.T.) were guests of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Our Computer Security specialists discussed malware, spyware and viruses with host Bill McCarter. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as the S.W.A.T. team gives advice and field questions from the listening audience...

Sound Advice - Speaking out on behalf of children and PGsurfer

ParetoLogic's Communications Director was a guest of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Amanda and host Bill McCarter discussed Internet security and the safety benefits for families and children using the free PGsurfer software. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as our resident authority gives sound advice and fields question from the listening audience...

Malware Diaries Blog »

Geek Speak
Geek Speak

Does it all sound Greek to you?

Don't worry! Each month we will explain a word or phrase connected to computers. As well as giving you a better understanding of PCs, you will also be able to astound people with your newfound knowledge.

Windows Startup Items

When you turn on your computer, a number of programs and processes launch. Some of these are important to have access to as soon as possible, such as crucial Windows processes and your anti-spyware and anti-virus solution. However, others are unnecessary, take up valuable resources and prolong your PC's startup time. You can manage which items launch when you power on through the System Configuration Utility, Registry Editor and a third-party optimization application.


A hijacker (also known as a browser hijacker) is a kind of spyware that takes command of your web browser. It can change your homepage, prevent you from going to certain websites or direct you to the places you don't want to go.

RegCure Registry Cleaner can help you manage your Windows Startup items. Check out how the new XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 6.0 can protect you from hijackers, spyware and adware.

Community Forum

"Thanks for all your unusually rapid responses and 'useful' resolution instructions. My 'faith' in at least one program (RegCure Registry Cleaner) has been restored. Many others have been harshly 'dissed' and dropped for not doing this very same thing. Customer Service has become a bad joke in most applications... yours is clearly alive and well. I will recommend your services to any that require same."

Jerry L Pugh

Click the link to learn about RegCure Registry Cleaner

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent products. I have been using your softwares for the last few weeks and I am very impressed by the results! I will not hesitate to recommend your software to anybody having problems with his computer. It really changed the speed and the efficiency of my 4-year old computer."

Maud Pouliot

Use the link to learn more about DriverCure

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the caliber of service your company offers its customers. I had something called 'Total Security' that was infecting my computer and had multitudes of emails back and forth with your technical staff trying to rid my system of this. They were extremely helpful, polite and prompt in their answers and support. Just wanted to say your tech staff is very impressive and I am most happy with the help I have received. Thank you all!"

Deb Collins

Click to find about more about what XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 6.0 can do for you

Team Player
Team Player

Here is your opportunity to get to know a member of Team Pareto!

Each month we give you a little insight into a member of Team Pareto. You get a chance to learn about the work and life of an important link in the ParetoLogic chain.

Team Player - Mark and Ramon enjoy cheering for the Boston Red Sox

This month we double-team you with a pair of hardworking brothers - Mark and Ramon. Both are valued members of ParetoLogic's Customer Care and Technical Support Team. They both work to, as Ramon describes it, "create raving fans."

When asked the favourite part of his job, Mark said: "Knowing that I was able to help resolve a problem is very satisfying. It makes my day when I see that I've been able to make another's day."

Outside of work, the brothers enjoy cheering for the Boston Red Sox. As well, Mark says there is nothing better than spending time with his three children. Meanwhile, his sibling lists his favourite hobbies as golfing, working out and eating.

Mark and Ramon play the Question Game


Song you never tire of?

"Someday" Sugar Ray

"Sugar" Flo-Rida featuring Wynter Gordon

Movie you would strongly recommend?


"Office Space"

Book you want to read again?

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by
Stephen R. Covey

Where they play

Mark and Ramon have a variety of interests. Online, Mark likes to visit such sites as www.neowin.net, www.lifehacker.com and www.engadget.com. Ramon enjoys www.ebay.com, www.golfbc.com and www.youtube.com. To protect themselves as they visit various websites, both Mark and Ramon use XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 6.0. Check out their Internet Safety Tip of the Month on the sidebar to the left.

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