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Pareto's Perks

How many programs do you have on your computer? Do you use them all?

You always want to have the tools you need on hand, but having too many programs installed can eat up valuable resources and memory space. One of the great advantages of PC Health Advisor is that it packs so many great tools into one program. It helps you:

Optimize your PC for speed and performance: PC Health Advisor's disk defragmentation feature will reorganize your computer's memory so that files can be recalled and saved much more quickly. As well, this sophisticated software lets you manage which programs launch at startup so your computer boots faster; it also cleans your Windows registry to fix common errors, stop slowdowns and boost speed.

Protect your computer and yourself: Another great aspect of PC Health Advisor is how it combines advanced optimization tools with security features to remove active malware from your system. As well, PC Health Advisor will clean away your Internet privacy files to protect confidential data such as credit card details, banking information, log-in names and passwords. The new, 3.0 version, of PC Health Advisor now cleans privacy files from the latest version of the Chrome browser.

Get rid of the junk: As well as cleaning the Windows registry, PC Health Advisor restores space and memory by ridding you of unneeded duplicate and temporary files. It also helps your Internet browser perform better by deleting cached and history information and ejecting unwanted plug-ins and add-ons that clutter things up.

Access many useful tools: With PC Health Advisor, it is easy to update your device drivers to improve performance and stability. You can also find out which software you need to open unknown file extensions. Or you could tweak how your computer performs by turning off such options as hibernation. PC Health Advisor even lets you put the features you use most on the main screen.

Having PC Health Advisor is like having your magic toolbox that has everything you need to fix, clean, optimize and protect your computer. Click on the links above to learn more about PC Health Advisor or go to the ParetoLogic product page to find out about our other optimization, security and utility products.


Internet Security

Tip of the Month

Be careful about clicking on advertisements on websites. Sometimes these offers are too good to be true. You could find yourself infected with malware or playing into the hands of a ploy to steal your confidential information.


Questions & Answers

Q. I recently was infected by a computer virus. It is now all cleaned but a friend told me that I should get rid of my PC and get a Mac because they don't get viruses. Is this true?

Signed: "Skeptical"

A. Dear Skeptical,

On this subject, you are right to be what your name says. The long-held claim that Macs are impervious to viruses, spyware and other malware is just a myth. Macs can indeed be infected by viruses.

While there are more Internet threats that target computers utilizing Windows operating systems, other platforms are susceptible. In fact, as the market share of Macs grows security analysts expect malware authors target more malicious code to prey upon users of these systems.

Macs have been hit recently by a variant of the Koobface computer worm (see Geek Speak to learn more about this malware) called Boonana or OXS/Koobface.A. Even the Linux platform has been targeted. ParetoLogic security researcher Jerome Segura recently wrote on the Malware Diaries blog about how Macs, Windows and Linux computers are being affected by a cross-platform version of this computer worm.

ParetoLogic would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions or comments to: newsletter@paretologic.com

*Please note: Due to available space, questions may not appear exactly as originally written.


Top Story
PC Health Advisor: customize to meet your needs

PC Health Advisor: customize to meet your needs

Since its inception, ParetoLogic has been firmly focused on creating easy-to-use software that solves problems encountered by computer users of all backgrounds and skill levels.

With the release of PC Health Advisor 3.0, ParetoLogic made its flagship software even easier to use. It provides users with greater control over the advanced optimization, security and PC utility program.

"PC Health Advisor already has so many great tools to help users clean their PCs, correct common problems and optimize their machines for peak performance," said Norman Eldridge, ParetoLogic's Technical Product Manager. "This new release helps make it even easier to use. It provides users with more guidance and the opportunity to customize PC Health Advisor to make it suit them."

PC Health Advisor has so many great tools: a disk defragmenter, a device driver update utility, registry cleaner, Browser Helper Object editor, Internet privacy files eraser.... Many people will find that they use certain features more than others. The new, 3.0 version of PC Health Advisor lets you choose which buttons appear on the main screen. This means that you have easy access to the tools you use the most. This customization feature is easy-to-use as it utilizes an intuitive drag-and-drop work flow.

Learn more about the latest version of PC Health Advisor »

ParetoLogic cracks top 100 of Technology Fast 500

ParetoLogic's astounding growth over the past five years has been recognized in a big way.

The innovative PC security, optimization and utility software company was recently named No. 83 on the Technology Fast 500. This prestigious list is Deloitte's ranking of 500 of the fastest growing North American companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology sectors.

"This award is a celebration of our team at ParetoLogic. With their talents and dedication, they have helped achieve the vision myself and the other co-founders have for the company," said Don Wharton, ParetoLogic's Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. "We are extremely pleased with how the company has grown, but we are not going to rest on our laurels. Look for exiting things to come from ParetoLogic in the future."

ParetoLogic was formed in 2004 by Don Wharton, Myron Pereira, Adrian Pereira and current president and CEO Elton Pereira. Focusing on easy-to-use software products designed to solve problems experienced by average home PC users, ParetoLogic has experienced tremendous growth since its founding. The Technology Fast 500 is based on percentage of fiscal year revenue growth from 2005 to 2009. During this time, ParetoLogic's growth was 1386 per cent.

Learn more about ParetoLogic cracking the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 500 »

How to help kids protect their privacy online

When using Twitter, be careful where you put your mouse.

In September, microbloggers found themselves redirected to strange websites or tweeting messages they did not type after hovering over a link. They were among the thousands of victims of the onMouseOver virus.

Unlike traditional attacks, where you have to click to be infected, the onMouseOver virus causes trouble just by the user holding their mouse over the dangerous link. No clicking is necessary to infect their computer.

"My Twitter went haywire – absolutely no clue why it sent that message or even what it is ... paging the tech guys," read a tweet from White House press secretary and onMouseOver victim Robert Gibbs.

Meanwhile Sarah Brown, wife of former British prime minister Gordon Brown, found that her Twitter page – which has over a million followers – was redirecting visitors to pornography sites, according to a Sept. 22 Agence France-Presse (AFP) news story.

Learn more about how to help keep your children safe online »

ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2009.
In its effort to create successful products and a great work environment, ParetoLogic and its members have been recognized with various honours and awards.

Company Awards

ParetoLogic is proud to have received numerous awards and honours over the years. These have recognized products, the company's leadership, different teams, ParetoLogic's innovation and its exponential growth. The honours have come from international companies, such as Ernest & Young; respected Canadian entities, like Profit magazine and the Branham Group; and local institutions, including the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC). Visit our Awards page for a complete list of company and product honours.

Deloitte 2010 Technology Fast 500™

ParetoLogic garnered the 2010 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ award, which recognizes the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. ParetoLogic appeared at number 83 on the list, thanks to its outstanding 1386 percent revenue growth from 2005 to 2009.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Awards

ParetoLogic's Elton Pereira has been honoured with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 Award, Pacific Region. As the Co-founder, President, and CEO of ParetoLogic, Pereira embodies the exceptional success, innovation, and integrity that make an Entrepreneur of the Year.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50™

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award has recognized ParetoLogic's outstanding growth and expansion. ParetoLogic appeared at number 17 on the list, which ranks the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Canada, based on the percentage of revenue growth over five years.

Profit 100

ParetoLogic earned a spot on the 22nd annual Profit 100 list of Canada's fastest growing companies. The award recognizes the top 100 Canadian businesses that showed exceptional revenue growth over the past five years. ParetoLogic ranked #23 out of all eligible Canadian companies, a testament to the success of their software.

ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2009.
ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit East 2010.

Affiliate Summit East 2010

ParetoLogic was proud once again to be part of Affiliate Summit East. At the Aug. 15-17 event, hosted at the Hilton New York, ParetoLogic launched the Affiliate Grand Prix. ParetoLogic's largest affiliate promotion ever gives successful sellers the opportunity to win one of 11 luxury vehicle models, such as a Ducati sport bike, Ferrari Italia, Porsche 911 GT3 and others.

Getting together

The premier affiliate marketing conference in the Eastern United States brings together the top affiliates and vendors from around the world. ParetoLogic seized the opportunity to thank its valued loyal affiliates, strike up new relationship and share information.

Malware Diaries Blog
Malware Diaries Blog

What awaits you online?

Malware Diaries gives you an inside look at what is going on in the world of spyware and malware and how to secure your computer and yourself from new and emerging threats.

Sound Advice - Open Mic with Malware Diaries' bloggers

Members of ParetoLogic's Spyware Analysis Team (S.W.A.T.) were guests of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Our Computer Security specialists discussed malware, spyware and viruses with host Bill McCarter. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as the S.W.A.T. team gives advice and field questions from the listening audience...

Sound Advice - Speaking out on behalf of children and PGsurfer

ParetoLogic's Communications Director was a guest of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Amanda and host Bill McCarter discussed Internet security and the safety benefits for families and children using the free PGsurfer software. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as our resident authority gives sound advice and fields question from the listening audience...

Malware Diaries Blog »

Geek Speak
Geek Speak

Does it all sound Greek to you?

Don't worry! Each month we explain a word or phrase connected to the Internet, PC optimization or computer security. As well as making you feel a bit more comfortable in the computer world, this feature will also give you some new vocabulary to impress your friends.


This is a variant of the Koobface computer worm. Sometimes known as the Facebook worm, Jnana and Koobface often spreads by users being duped into clicking on links on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, hi5, Bebo and Friendster. The computer worm then usually tries to use the infected user's account to spread itself and also is known to try to gather such information as credit card numbers and credentials.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play devices, sometimes abbreviated as "PnP," are hardware expected to work immediately, once connected to your PC. Usually, the user does not have to manually install device drivers for these. Device drivers are small programs that translate messages between hardware devices, software and operating systems. Plug and Play most commonly refers to external hardware, such as a mouse, but can also include such internal hardware as hard drives.

Jnana and other Koobface variants can be dangerous to you and your PC. It is important to have security software such as ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS or XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware to combat these threats.

If your Plug and Play devices are not working properly, you might need to download new drivers for them. An easy way to do this is by using ParetoLogic DriverCure, which scans your PC to see which drivers you need and then helps you download the latest versions for peak performance and stability.

Community Forum

"With all the other virus programs I've tried I have found that the computer slows down. With ParetoLogic Anti-Virus the working speed of computers seems to stay the same as if it was new. I think that this is because it blocks out all threats. I have no hesitation in recommending this antivirus
program to my friends and family or anybody for use on personal computers. It works and works well..."


Click to learn more about ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS

"I have both DriverCure and RegCure installed on my computer which are excellent products and only surpassed by your customer service."


Learn more about RegCure Registry Cleaner and ParetoLogic DriverCure

"I have the pleasure of mentioning that both your software works good.
You have been extremely cooperative. Your clientele service is extremely – a point. Other companies must envy you. My son recommended your software a while back. I will surely do the same to others. Thank you again and have an excellent day."


Find out more about the software Rolande used: XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware and ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

Team Player
Team Player

Here is your opportunity to get to know a member of Team Pareto!

Each month we feature a different member of the ParetoLogic team. As well as telling you about their role at ParetoLogic, we provide a little insight into their life away from work.

Team Player - Josephine supports the Newcastle United soccer team

ParetoLogic is pleased to welcome Josephine as a Graphic and Web Designer in ParetoLogic's Marketing Department. She recently graduated from Vancouver Island University with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. Josephine is a active member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

Highly creative, she is excited to be part of ParetoLogic because:

"I get to do what I love for a living!"

Josephine Plays the Question Game:

Book you would want on a deserted island: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind

Last song that was stuck in your head: "Church Mouth" by Portugal. The Man

Movie you can't wait to see: The Hobbit

Gadget you can't live without: Cell phone

Where she plays

In her spare time, Josephine supports the Newcastle United soccer team. The multi-talented Josephine pursues a wide variety of hobbies and creative outlets. She enjoys climbing, yoga, long boarding, cycling, surfing, swimming, sailing, drawing, photography and music. When she gets a chance to go online, Josephine enjoys keeping up with old friends and sharing photos on facebook.com. In order to keep your PC healthy and up-to-date, Josephine suggests using PC Health Advisor and ParetoLogic DriverCure. Check out the Internet Safety Tip of the Month on the sidebar to the left.

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