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With school back in session are you using a number of computers? Are you traveling often for work and using different PCs?

Using a computer other than your own can be scary at times as you do not know if that machine has been infected with spyware, adware, a keylogger or other kinds of malware. By using an unprotected machine, you could be making yourself vulnerable to theft of your personal, business, and banking information.

ParetoLogic's XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware gives you peace of mind! This sophisticated software can be easily loaded onto a U3 drive and taken with you to provide protection wherever you go. It has a small footprint so you can also store your files on the U3 drive. As well, XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware protects your portable drive so you know you are not infecting others as you switch computers.

XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware works fast to find and eradicate a wide variety of threats. Now you can work or play on whatever PC you want with confidence that your identity and information is safe.

Please click on the links to learn more about ParetoLogic XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware. To find out more about ParetoLogic's other great products, click here »


Internet Security

Tip of the Month

"Keep up with your Windows operating system updates to ensure you have the latest patches. You can do so by choosing Windows Update under the Start menu or logging onto http://windowsupdate.


Questions & Answers

Q. In RegCure, what is the Ignore list?

Signed: "Confused"

A. Dear "Confused"
There are times when registry keys do not meet RegCure's criteria and are flagged as invalid. This can include empty registry keys that are still in use by applications that are not active at the time of the RegCure scan. By using the Ignore list, you can have RegCure not identify them in subsequent scans. For more information on the Ignore list and how to use it, please see our support page http://support.paretologic

ParetoLogic would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions or comments to: newsletter@paretologic.com

*Please note: Due to available space, questions may not appear exactly as originally written.


Top Story
ParetoLogic launches free PGsurfer software to help keep Internet waves safe

ParetoLogic launches free PGsurfer software to help keep Internet waves safe

The Internet has become an important part of the lives of today's young people. But is it safe? In 2006, more than 85 per cent of all teenagers were using the Internet and at any given time there were 50,000 predators online, according to TV news magazine Dateline. In an effort to make the Internet a better place for youth, ParetoLogic is launching PGsurfer. This software was created to help parents protect their children online. Deciding not to profit on children's safety, the young, family-oriented company is excited to offer PGsurfer free of charge. Click here, to get a look at this exciting, free software....

"We have been fortunate enough to have experienced great success with our other products and we are really pleased to be able to offer this product to caregivers and parents free of charge," said ParetoLogic CEO and co-founder Elton Pereira. "This is the most rewarding application of our skills and knowledge bar none, and it is one that is close to the hearts of our staff."

PGsurfer is a powerful tool that parents can use to help keep their children safe online. PGsurfer is content filtering software, but rather than just indiscriminately blocking sites it allows parents to establish profiles of each user so that the filtering is appropriate. It puts the power into the parents' hands.

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What do you want to pay for tunes?

Ever walk into your corner store, pick up some chips and then instead of the clerk telling you the total, you let him know you'll pay $1.50?

The concept of "pay whatever you want" might seem strange and probably unworkable in most settings. However, much loved English rock band Radiohead has garnered plenty of attention by using that model with their latest album, "In Rainbows." Fans can download the band's first album since 2003 for whatever price they want - including free - from its website.

This effort by the critically acclaimed band - which earned its success with albums such as OK Computer and Kid A - has sparked a number of debates about the future of the recording industry. One popular one is whether the "pay whatever you want" model is the future of recorded music.

"I personally don't see it as the final solution in our current society," said Piers Henwood in an interview with the ParetoLogic newsletter.

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Canuck web surfers curious about Cruise, pot

When surfing the Internet, Canadians seem to have a soft spot for searching for a certain short Hollywood leading man and marijuana.

According to an Oct. 18, Sydney Morning Herald story, Google Trends reports "Tom Cruise" is searched for in Canada more often than any other country in the world. The United States and Australia round out the top three countries looking for the scoop on the movie star of such films as Top Gun and the Mission Impossible series. Those three countries, in the same order, are also the most interested in finding out more about pot.

Google Trends records statistics of all Google searches dating back to 2004. It can display the searches by country and city.

For example, Viagra is most often searched for by Italians living in Augusta and Milan. Third on the list of Viagra searchers are London, England dwellers, according to an Oct. 18, 2007 New York Post story.

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Geek Speak
Geek Speak

Does it all sound Greek to you?

Don't worry! Each month we will explain a word or phrase connected to the Internet. As well as giving you a better understanding of the Internet, you will also be able to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.


Malware is a term used to describe a variety of intrusive, annoying and potentially dangerous software or code. Malware is designed to infiltrate or cause harm to a computer without the user's informed consent. Malware can include viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and worms.

Community Forum

"Success at last! Your last recommendation has worked a treat and resolved the problems that I was encountering. ParetoLogic Privacy Control software now operate appropriately. No further action is required. A 1st class software support service! Thank you very much."

Kind Regards,

Leon Smith

"S U C C E S S!!!! Privacy Control installed and running like a dream. This is support. This is responsibility. This is standing behind your product and doing what has to be done to help a customer."



Click here for more information on Privacy Controls, or ParetoLogic's other fine products.

Team Player
Team Player

Here is your opportunity to get to know a member of Team Pareto!

Each month we feature a different member of the ParetoLogic team. As well as telling you about their role in helping make your PC safer, we provide a little insight into the away from work lives of our team members.

Team Player - Tracy Clayton is a Vancouver Canucks fan

Tracy Clayton is one of ParetoLogic's great Customer Support team members. This Vancouver Canucks fan works diligently from home to make sure ParetoLogic's customers receive the help they deserve. Among the facets of her job she likes are:

  • I can work in my PJs as I am a home worker
  • I learn something new everyday
  • I have the best boss

How she plays

Tracy and her husband have kids and her selections certainly reflect their influence!

Current favourite song: Mr. Mom by Rascal Flatts
Current favourite book: Pokemon #4 Night in the Haunted Tower
Current favourite movie: Halloweentown

Where she plays

Favourite websites:
pokemoncrater.com and usedvictoria.com

Tracy uses ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware and ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

Read the Internet Security Tip of the Month » in the sidebar to your left to see the featured member's tip for you!

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