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Pareto's Perks

Every morning you open up Outlook to check your email only to find many of the messages are spam. Sorting through your emails to find the real messages can be frustrating and a waste of time.

The new ParetoLogic Spam Controls can be your premium defense against spam and phishing attacks. With one of the highest detection rates in the industry, Spam Controls can identify even sophisticated threats, including those composed in text, html and graphics.

On either Outlook or Outlook Express, ParetoLogic Spam Controls employs an advanced spam pattern classification to detect threats. Using this advanced method, the number of false positives is reduced.

This exciting new way of protecting your email can also be coupled with ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware to improve your PC's defenses. With an easy-to-use interface, ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware delivers performance and active protection through real-time blocking. ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware with Spam Controls defends your PC from spyware, malware and phishing attacks.

For more about ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware, ParetoLogic Spam Controls or other ParetoLogic products, click here »


Internet Security

Tip of the Month

"You never know what an attachment can contain. Never open an attachment unless it comes from a trusted source. Also, it is best to only open attachments if you know they are being sent. It is better to be safe than sorry."


Questions & Answers

Q. I have XoftSpySE installed and am wondering just where in "lala land" those quarantined items go, if they keep building up, and can they be deleted from time to time?

Signed: "Where are they?"

A. Dear "Where are they?" Spyware can embed itself so deeply into your system that removing it can cause complications. For this reason we provide the Quarantine files so that you may restore any changes you make.

Quarantined files are stored in the Quarantine folder in the XoftSpySE directory, usually C:\Program Files\XoftSpySE
. To see a list of your current Quarantine files, open XoftSpySE and click the Backup List button on the left hand side. You can then easily delete the Quarantine files or restore your changes simply by checking the box next to the files you wish to use and clicking the appropriate button, Delete or Restore, at the bottom of the screen. Our recommendation is to delete Quarantine files over 30 days old.

ParetoLogic would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions or comments to: newsletter@paretologic.com

*Please note: Due to available space, questions may not appear exactly as originally written.


Top Story
>ParetoLogic honoured with unprecedented double win at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

ParetoLogic honoured with unprecedented double win at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

Victoria, B.C.
While ParetoLogic has developed a world-wide reputation for its innovations in internet security and PC optimization software, organizations close to home have recognized the company in history making fashion.

In April, the maker of the anti-spyware products XoftSpySE and ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware was nominated in and won in an unprecedented two categories at the 2007 Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala. In addition, ParetoLogic has been nominated for three VIATeC Technology Awards.

"We are very pleased to be recognized by the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and to be considered for the VIATeC honours," said Elton Pereira, ParetoLogic CEO and co-founder. "The awards recognize the hard work and dedication of the talented team at ParetoLogic and our focus on serving our customers."

While the company is honoured to be recognized, there are certainly no plans to rest on its laurels and past accomplishments. CTO and Co-founder Adrian Pereira said ParetoLogic has only begun to "flex its innovative muscle" and advised the technology community to keep their eyes open for more exciting news from the company this summer.

At the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce event, ParetoLogic COO and Co-founder Don Wharton, together with CTO and Co-founder Adrian Pereira, accepted the Innovation Award for XOFTspy Portable. This exciting new product is the world's first self-contained portable anti-spyware application. Wharton stated the success comes from a having a "truly exceptional team at ParetoLogic."

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April spam blast plays on fear

Like a veteran boxer, spammers set up computer users with a one-two punch in an April spam attack that is reportedly the biggest in the last 12 months.

First, the spammers played on PC users need for romance with subject headings such as "Our Love Nest," "A Token of My Love" in an attack that started late on April. Then, according to an April 17 Computerworld report, with the news of a worm attack occurring, the perpetrators switched their tactics.

The number of love-labeled messages dropped drastically. Instead, computer users started receiving emails on April 12 offering a "security patch" that was to protect them. Messages with "Worm Alert!" and "Virus Activity Detected!" subject line were not actually warning of a malware attack, but were actually the threat itself! A number of these messages told users they needed to install the patch to keep using their email or it would be cut off. The zip file included with the messages is protected by a password provided in the email. It was just another step to give users a false sense of security.

Spammers are getting smarter and smarter! Not only are they creating sophisticated threats, the attackers are also using psychology. They have us infecting ourselves as we try to do the opposite.

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Company develops electronic fig leaf for virtual strip search

American Science & Engineering worked for years to develop an X-ray-type machine so good that it would act like a "virtual strip search." The company did so well the United States' Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants to use them to thwart terrorist plots.

In late April, the TSA began a pilot test of the SmartCheck Personnel Screening System at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. The concern is that it works too well!

According to the TSA's website, the organization "has worked closely with the vendors to modify the image of the passenger that is taken by Backscatter (which is the technology used by the SmartCheck)."

In essence, the TSA has asked American Science & Engineering to first remove the clothes and then to apply a fig leaf. The TSA website displays images which could be described as fuzzy.

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Geek Speak
Geek Speak

Does it all sound Greek to you?

Don't worry! Each month we will explain a word or phrase connected to the Internet. As well as giving you a better understanding of the Internet, you will also be able to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.

Chat Watch

A spyware program, Chat Watch records online chat conversations. It monitors such programs as ICQ, MSN Messenger, Trilliam, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Chat log files can be viewed remotely using a web browser and the user can be notified by email if particular keywords are used.

Community Forum

"Great job to you and your team. The fix worked below. I can honestly say, I think RegCure is one of the best investments I stumbled across a few years back, it seems I have had very few (if any) operating system stability issues since installing RegCure. It seems the operating system operates much more efficiently with less glitches and failures."


Darren Bond

"Thank you! It worked just like you stated. I appreciate your prompt response. ParetoLogic rocks!"

Julee Ridge

"It is days like today that reminds me never to let my license expire. Had the internet virius pro picking on me. Just about time I was ready to go nuts I remembered the Big Cat icon. The Big Cat (Xoft) kicked some serious ass in under a couple minutes."

Thanks guys,

Myron Miller

Learn more about RegCure, XoftSpySE and ParetoLogic's other great products.

Team Player
Team Player

Here is your opportunity to get to know a member of Team Pareto!

Each month we feature a different member of the ParetoLogic team. As well as telling about their role in helping make your PC safer, we provide a little insight into the away from work lives of our team members.

Team Player - Robin Wark

Robin Wark is a new member of our marketing team. As a Marketing Coordinator, this die-hard Boston Celtics fan helps get the word out about all of ParetoLogic's great products. Robin is excited to learn all he can about ParetoLogic and through his work help customers find the right software to keep their PC safe.

How he plays

Current favourite song: Heart of Glass, Puppini Sisters
Current favourite book: Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson by Geoffrey C. Ward
Current favourite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Where he plays

Favourite websites: Boston Herald and iTunes

While on the Internet, Robin is very concerned about the health of his PC. He uses ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware to keep his PC safe.

Read the Internet Security Tip of the Month » in the sidebar to your left to see the featured member's tip for you!

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