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Pareto's Perks

A good handyman always brings the right tool for the job. In the computer world, PC Health Advisor is your fully stocked toolbox. This advanced software packs everything you need to fix and optimize your computer as well as boost security.

PC Health Advisor's main scan fixes many common computer problems. It finds and removes malware (including Trojan downloaders, adware, spyware, etc.) that run in active processes. PC Health Advisor features an advanced Windows registry cleaner. It seeks out and fixes registry errors that can cause slowdowns, freezing and crashes. PC Health Advisor cleans out privacy files to protect you and improve performance.

As well, PC Health Advisor boasts a variety of other tools to tweak your computer. With the Startup Manager and Process Manager, you can stop unneeded processes to improve startup times and speed up your computer, respectively. The Duplicate Finder removes useless file clutter.

Sometimes software comes packaged with web browser toolbars. These can be an eyesore and drag down browser performance. PC Health Advisor's Browser Object Manager makes it easy to delete these. Then, with the Restore Point Manager, you can get rid of redundant restore points to save disk space.

PC Health Advisor provides easy access to Windows system options that were previously hidden behind many different confusing menus and windows. You can further optimize your PC's performance turning off hibernation or disabling desktop search, along with much more.

One of PC Health Advisor's strengths is the strong team behind it. You have easy access to a professional Technical Support team that can answer all of your questions. As well, you will receive free, frequent database updates for optimization and protection.

Click on the links above to learn more about PC Health Advisor. Or, click here to find out about ParetoLogic's other PC optimization and security products.


Internet Security

Tip of the Month

Think before you click. Never open attachments from unknown sources.


Questions & Answers

Q. When I was reading about the Conficker and Zeus viruses, I kept seeing the term "botnet." What does it mean?

Signed: "Concerned"

A. Dear "Concerned"
A botnet is a robot net work of computers (sometimes called a zombie army) that are controlled by someone else. In most cases, the users do not know that someone else is pulling the strings. Computers are infected in various ways by malicious software that makes them part of a botnet. For example, it could be from software downloaded through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, double clicking on a malicious attachment in an email or many other means.

Once your PC has been infected, the controller of the botnet could use it in several ways, including:

Denial of Service Attacks: Botnets are used to have many computers log onto a site all at once. This causes it to crash and denies service to legitimate users.

Spamming: It is common for botnets to send out spam and phishing email messages.

Keylogging: Some botnets also use keylogging software. Your banking, PayPal, credit card or social networking information is harvested and then sent up to controller.

Pay-Per-Click System Abuse: Some devious online scammers try to use botnets to click on advertisements, such those by Google's Adsense, to inflate their profits artificially.

A strong anti-virus solution, such as ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS, will prevent your PC from becoming part of a botnet.

ParetoLogic would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions or comments to: newsletter@paretologic.com

*Please note: Due to available space, questions may not appear exactly as originally written.


Top Story
ParetoLogic makes Profit 100's top 25

ParetoLogic makes Profit 100's top 25

ParetoLogic made a big debut on the 2010 Profit 100 list.

The online security and PC optimization software maker placed 23rd on the prestigious list in its first year of eligibility. The list, published annually by Profit magazine, ranks what are billed as Canada's Fastest Growing Companies by revenue growth between 2004 and 2009. The rankings appear in the June issue of Profit.

"We are absolutely thrilled to debut in the top 25 of the Profit 100 list. This recognizes our success in not only 2009, but also our achievements over the past five years," said Elton Pereira, ParetoLogic's Co-Founder, President and CEO. "I must give credit to our talented ParetoLogic team and our loyal customers. We strive to create and support outstanding software that makes a difference in the computing lives of its users, and this is further evidence that we are making it happen."

Varicent Software Inc. topped the 22nd edition of the Profit 100. The companies on the list have grown their revenue an average of 1,752 per cent over the past five years. No Profit 100 company grew less than 605 per cent.

Learn more about ParetoLogic on the 2010 Profit 100 list »

ParetoLogic team honoured with VIATeC Award

Always innovative, ParetoLogic created the Business Operations group to improve flexibility and adaptability in the ever-changing online world.

Biz Ops, as it is commonly known, has certainly proven its worth and earned accolades. Recently the unit was named Team of the Year at the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC) Technology Awards.

"In the current marketplace, a company needs to be able respond quickly to changing environments. Biz Ops is able to do this for ParetoLogic," said Gary Theobald, Project Manager and Team Lead of ParetoLogic's Business Operations. "Talented individuals from many different departments work hard to achieve great results under often tight deadlines. We are pleased that our achievements have been recognized."

Over the past year the team accomplished 71 targeted objectives, Theobald said. This helped Biz Ops capture the VIATeC Award, which honours teams that show outstanding initiative and service delivery as well as having a big impact on their company. Foreshadowing this win, Biz Ops was named ParetoLogic's Team of the Year at ParetoLogic's 2009 internal awards celebration.

Learn more about ParetoLogic's Biz Ops team »

Forget the polls! Just look at Twitter

The world is letting its views be known 140 characters at a time.

A recent study shows that the views expressed in daily Twitter tweets correlates with data gathered by trusted polling companies such as Gallup and the Index of Consumer Sentiment. The Carnegie Mellon University computer science students who conducted the research said Twitter posts could be a "cheap, rapid means of gauging public opinion," according to an Ars Technica website article.

In the study, the Pittsburgh-based school's researchers collected 1 billion tweets posted between 2008 and 2009. These were analyzed for topic and whether they were positive or negative. This data was compared to ICS and Gallup information from the same time periods. ICS and the Gallup polls had an 86 per cent correlation between them, while the Twitter correlation was 72 and 79 per cent to the well-established polling companies.

However, there are concerns about using Twitter for taking the nation or world's temperature on a specific topic. For one, should retweets and news headlines be counted as opinions?

Learn more about Twitter and opinion polls »

ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2009.
Earlier this year ParetoLogic was proud to be part of Affiliate Summit West 2010.

Affiliate Summit West 2010

ParetoLogic representatives were among the more than 4,000 attendees at the Affiliate Summit West. The record attendance demonstrates how the Jan. 17-19 event in Las Vegas is the premier affiliate marketing conference in the Western United States. While at the event, ParetoLogic launched an
on-going contest in which top-selling
affiliates could win a 2010
Harley-Davidson® Super Glide® Custom.

The best meet

The Affiliate Summit West draws the top affiliates and vendors from around the globe. It was an opportunity for ParetoLogic to renew relationships and show appreciation for the efforts of its loyal affiliates. As well, it gave the company the chance to forge new relationships. The Affiliate Summit West is also a great place for vendor and affiliates to exchange ideas and network.

Malware Diaries Blog
Malware Diaries Blog

What awaits you online?

Malware Diaries gives you an inside look at what is going on in the world of spyware and malware and how to secure your computer and yourself from new and emerging threats.

Sound Advice - Open Mic with Malware Diaries' bloggers

Members of ParetoLogic's Spyware Analysis Team (S.W.A.T.) were guests of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Our Computer Security specialists discussed malware, spyware and viruses with host Bill McCarter. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as the S.W.A.T. team gives advice and field questions from the listening audience...

Sound Advice - Speaking out on behalf of children and PGsurfer

ParetoLogic's Communications Director was a guest of The Computer Information Show featured on C-FAX 1070 radio station. Amanda and host Bill McCarter discussed Internet security and the safety benefits for families and children using the free PGsurfer software. Click to listen to the show's MP3 excerpts as our resident authority gives sound advice and fields question from the listening audience...

Malware Diaries Blog »

Geek Speak
Geek Speak

Does it all sound Greek to you?

Don't worry! Each month we explain a word or phrase connected to computers. As well as giving you a better understanding of PCs, you will also be able to astound people with your newfound knowledge.


RMVB is a file extension and stands for RealMedia Variable Bitrate. It is a format used for video files that has become quite common for anime and Asian movies. Because of small file sizes and low bitrates, the RMVB format is often used for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs, such as BitTorrent, Gnutella and Emule. Open file extension RMVB using RealPlayer or Real Alternative. You'll need to ensure you have the right codec (compressor/decompressor) installed too.

Companion virus

What's in a name? A lot when it comes to companion viruses. They try to trick you into running them by renaming themselves or the file they are targeting. If the target file is Test.exe, the companion virus might rename that file as Test.ex and itself as Test.exe. Or it might rename itself as Text.com and hope that you don't notice and try to run it instead of the correct exe file. In some cases, once the companion virus is done running its tasks it will allow the real file to go to work so that you are none the wiser.

You can protect your PC against companion viruses, computer worms, spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers and other malware by using ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS.

ParetoLogic FileCure is an easy way to deal with unknown file extensions, such as RMVB. It analyses your files and lets you know which format they are and what to use to open them. If you do not have the right program on your machine to crack into a file, FileCure conveniently links you to it.

Community Forum

"I saved money to fix my fax problem by buying DriverCure, as a local technician ‘in house’ call would have cost me over $100.00 and no guarantee he would find the problem, and I may have had to buy a new printer/fax/scanner for $300-$500."


Click to learn more about ParetoLogic DriverCure

"I just wanted to tell you that all my programs are up and running fine now, you have a support team that are top notch, and quick to respond to any problems that I have. I can`t ask for more than that. Once again thank you so much for your help."

Dr. Thomas McLean

Use the link to find out how ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS can protect you

"Have to say I'm always impressed with such excellent service from the team at ParetoLogic. I've no hesitation in many times recommending the products and services to many colleagues and friends."


Click to learn more about ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

Team Player
Team Player

Here is your opportunity to get to know a member of Team Pareto!

Each month we give you a little insight into a member of Team Pareto. You get a chance to learn about the work and life of an important link in the ParetoLogic chain.

Team Player - Brian Phillips is a proud Canadian

Sometimes there are things you just cannot figure out yourself. That is why ParetoLogic has people like Brian Phillips. This outstanding customer support specialist enjoys helping customers with their questions and concerns.

Brian distinguishes himself by taking on new challenges and adapting to changes. He likes that there is always something new to learn.

"Brian is a joy to have on our team," said Andrea Baird, ParetoLogic's Contact Centre Line Manager – Phone Support. "He always has a smile on his face. He is a true team player and is respectful of all his co-workers. His willingness to take on new challenges and develop his skills as an employee makes him an asset to my phone team."

Brian Plays the Question Game:

One word to describe ParetoLogic: Innovative

Song you never tire of: "Babylon" by David Gray

Movie you would recommend to everyone: V for Vendetta

Book you want to read again: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Where he plays

This Team Canada fan enjoys swimming, hiking, biking and kayaking. When he is surfing the Internet, Brian likes to check out YouTube. To keep his PC safe while he explores the World Wide Web, Brian uses ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS. Be sure to check out Internet Security Tip of the Month.

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