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When ParetoLogic office manager Marlee Wilson slid into the barber's chair recently her thoughts were firmly focused on her family rather than a trendy cut for the summer

When ParetoLogic office manager Marlee Wilson slid into the barber's chair recently her thoughts were firmly focused on her family rather than a trendy cut for the summer

Wilson was one of 16 members of the ParetoLogic team that had their heads shaved to raise funds for Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock, a Canadian Cancer Society fundraising campaign. In total, as of July 4, ParetoLogic has raised $2,542 for pediatric cancer research and programs, such as Camp Goodtimes, for children battling cancer and their families. Even after the heads had been shaved, pledges continued to come in.

Wilson, one of two women to have their heads shaved, had been thinking about participating in such an event for a while.

"The last few years have been tough on my family with over a dozen of my family members being diagnosed with cancer and we lost a few to the battle against the disease. I believe whole-heartedly in what the Tour de Rock stands for because I believe that no child should be robbed of the opportunity to have a childhood full of fun. By raising funds that go towards Camp Goodtimes, I'm helping a child with cancer have the chance to be a kid and have fun without thinking of the battle that they are waging everyday. If I can help take their minds off of that battle for a week, that makes me feel wonderful!"

"So in essence, I did this for the people in my life that have been touched by this disease, in memory of the people that I lost to this disease and to the hope that we can find a cure!"

Brave hearted - ParetoLogic staff shave their heads to participate in the Cops for Cancer fundraising event!

The mass head shave was spurred by a challenge put out by ParetoLogic CEO and Co-Founder Elton Pereira, who had his own locks sheared in June to raise $500 for the cause. Pereira offered up a pledge of $50 for each ParetoLogic male who went under the clippers and $100 for every female, in addition to whatever funds they collected on their own.

Elton Pereira - ParetoLogic CEO & Co-founder

"I am so proud of the way the ParetoLogic Team responded to the challenge. It shows the type of people we have here," Pereira said. "We are very pleased that we can play a role in helping children who are battling cancer."

Wielding the clippers at the mass head shave was John Paul Robinson. The local hair stylist is one of the 26 riders who this fall will be riding in the Tour de Rock, the Vancouver Island chapter of the 10th anniversary of the Cops For Cancer campaign. Robinson is one of the 10 non-police officers who will complete the 1,000-kilometre ride from Port Hardy to the Capital Region Sept. 22 to Oct. 6. The funds raised by ParetoLogic will help Robinson in his quest to raise $25,000.

Last year Tour de Rock raised $1.65 million. Since 1998, British Columbia has raised more than $12.7 million through four regional Cops for Cancer tours. The goal this year is to raise $3.4 million throughout the province.

One of the major beneficiaries of the campaign is Camp Goodtimes. The camp, based at Loon Lake in Maple Ridge, offers a safe and fun summer camp experience for cancer-stricken young people and their families.

For more on Cops for Cancer, please follow this link to the website: http://www.cancer.ca/ccs/internet/standard/0,3182,3172_368278__langId-en,00.html

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