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2nd Story
ParetoLogic makes VIATeC 25 again

ParetoLogic makes VIATeC 25 again

For the fifth consecutive year ParetoLogic has earned its place among Greater Victoria’s top technology companies.

The maker of ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor was named to the Victoria Advanced Technology Council's Top 25 list for 2010. The VIATeC 25 highlights the region's top revenue-generating technology companies.

"It is exciting to once again be included with a dynamic group of local technology leaders," said Elton Pereira, ParetoLogic's Co-Founder, President, and CEO. "The list shows the strength and quality of the tech sector in the region. We are humbled and honoured to be a part of it."

The past year was an exciting one for ParetoLogic. It was in 2010 that PC Health Advisor was launched. This all-in-one suite of PC performance tools gives home users all that they need to clean, fix and optimize their computers. In the past year, ParetoLogic received many accolades and awards. These included earning spots on the Branham300 and Profit 100. The company also participated in a variety of charity events, such as the Salvation Army Christmas Angel program and the Big Bike fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

According to VIATeC, Greater Victoria's top tech companies saw increases in overall revenue and employees in 2010. In the past year, the combined revenue of the VIATeC 25 reached $785 million, up from $730 million in 2009. VIATeC executive director Dan Gunn described achieving almost $800 million in revenue as being "spectacular" and said it exceeded the organization's expectations. The median revenue of the companies on the list was a record $15 million.

The number of people employed by the VIATeC 25 companies increased from 2,738 in 2009 to 3,034 last year.

"We're seeing both revenue and employment growth during an uncertain global economic situation and we're also seeing growth when other industries may be struggling," Gunn said in a press release.

The VIATeC 25 offers a snapshot of what is happening in Victoria' tech sector, Gunn said. Overall, the sector has revenues of about $1.9 billion and includes about 900 companies.

ParetoLogic will be striving in 2011 to be on the VIATeC 25 for a sixth straight year. The company has a number of exciting projects planned for the upcoming year. While it continues to be innovative, ParetoLogic remains focused on serving the people who made it so successful – the users of its software.

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