How to Fix Computer Issues

There are all kinds of computer issues, including [dynamic content], that can cause computer performance problems. Download RegCure Pro to identify and correct common computer performance problems.

With just a few clicks, RegCure Pro can clean these areas and more.

How it Works

RegCure Pro is easy-to-use PC optimization software specially designed for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP computers. The software deeply scans and finds common computer issues.

RegCure Pro seeks out and can correct such common computer problems as active malware processes, unneeded processes running in the background that can slow things down, privacy files that can store potentially confidential info such as passwords and credit card numbers, and junk files and temporary items that clutter up your computer. RegCure Pro can correct these issues.

Here's how to do it:
1. Download and Install RegCure Pro
2. Click to scan your entire system
3. Click the Fix All button

That's all it takes to use RegCure Pro and solve many common issues!

Easy to Use

RegCure Pro Screen shotBecause RegCure Pro takes care of all the technical heavy lifting, all you have to do to fix Msvcr80.dll issues is click the button and let RegCure Pro do the rest!  It's never been easier to fix common issues and improve your computer.

RegCure Pro is designed for novice and average computer users. Unlike many other programs, it does not need any special computer knowledge. In fact, from the time you download RegCure Pro to the time issues are corrected is usually less than three minutes (depending on your PC).

The Tools You Need

RegCure Pro Box shotRegCure Pro is the easy way to correct common ussyes and it also does a lot more to keep your PC healthy. The main RegCure Pro scan features a registry cleaner, spyware scanner, junk file finder, performance optimizer, and privacy scanner. With just a few clicks, RegCure Pro takes care of all these issues:

Plus, RegCure Pro also includes even more extra tools to bring your PC back to life:

Thanks to all these tools, RegCure Pro can not only fix common issues, but it also can improve your computer’s performance and remove malware.


"I've been using the RegCure Registry Cleaner for several years and just upgraded to the RegCure Pro version and I’m very pleased with the product. The Pro version has helped me solve some system problems that I've been working on for a while."

~ Bill
Baltimore, Maryland
"RegCure was the version I was using. RegCure Pro fixed my problems and actually made my computer run faster and with more efficiency. Kudos to the brains behind RegCure Pro."

~ William L.
Manchester, Kentucky
"I believe that my RegCure Pro is now contributing to the smooth and efficient running of my PC which was previously becoming unstable in its functioning. The recent support and advice I requested was prompt and accurate, resulting in my issue being resolved quickly to my full satisfaction. "

~ John J.
"RegCure Pro is great!"

~ Edward M.
California Delta region


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