ParetoLogic SWAT

The ParetoLogic SpyWare Awareness Tool is a free downloadable program powered by the industry leading XoftSpySE anti-spyware application.

SWAT Report

ParetoLogic SWAT performs a comprehensive scan of all running processes, registry entries, and file folders, to provide a detailed report of known malicious code that may be resident on the user’s computer. The SWAT report includes the vendor, type of threat, category of threat, the location of the threat, as well as the severity of the threat.

Results may range from indicating threats that are a ‘minor annoyance’ to flagging serious malicious code that can threaten your privacy and your PC.  You can then choose to purchase a quality anti-spyware solution or you can attempt to remove the malicious code manually.

Special Note

The program may ask you to confirm your browser Home Page prior to you clicking the Start button. Please do so and then click Start. The XoftSpySE engine will complete a comprehensive scan and display the results on your screen.

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