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Does your health service facility lose revenue in lost claims due to computer system errors and crashes?

Spyware is one of the leading causes of computer system failure. According to a June 2005 study, performed by the Radicati Group, the cost to resolve a spyware-infected computer costs about $265.00 per user for each time a spyware infection is identified.

Results of Spyware Infection:

  • Lost billing data, sluggish computer performance and consequential system crashes
  • Rogue software installations without authorized consent or knowledge
  • Commandeers the operating system and cripples proprietary software
  • One infected computer quickly infects an entire network

The Greatest Risk of Spyware:

Spyware infiltrates a system and is capable of recording and forwarding every keystroke to a third party enabling access to all your confidential information including passwords, codes, banking information, and patient information. Security concerns, including regulatory compliance standards and the risk of liability, have become very real concerns in the medical community.

The ParetoLogic SpyWare Awareness Tool is provided as a free service to computer users who are concerned their machines may have been the victim of an unauthorized install of malicious code.

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The financial implications of spyware explains why the Radicati Group reports that the number of anti-spyware programs installed on business computer systems will increase from 16 million in 2005 to 540 million in 2009.

XoftSpySE Anti-spyware

  • Increase productivity and profits by protecting against network intrusions and crashes
  • Secure your network connections (multiple license discounts available)
  • Protect and secure your patient information and clinic's database
  • Eliminate the possibility of unauthorized disclosure, loss or theft of billing information

Realizing that highly confidential information, including banking and patient information, is at risk, many IT and office managers of leading health facilities are employing necessary anti-spyware tools.

Will You Be One of Them?

XoftSpySE provides you with user friendly, reliable spyware protection. Using minimal system resources, XoftSpySE installs easily offering carefree security. Contact the ParetoLogic Sales Team to find out more about how to protect your system, your privacy, and your confidential information.

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