Financial Services

A January 19, 2005 study by the FBI indicates that 64% of the companies surveyed suffered a financial loss due to computer security incidents over a 12-month period.

While the FBI study reports that the average cost per company exceeded $24,000, the cost to a financial institution can be drastically higher. Consider the case of the near disaster faced by the Sumitomo Mitsui bank in London, which came close to losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to a rampant spyware infection in March 2005.

How much do you know about computer security and spyware?

Common indicators of spyware include:

  • Sluggish performance and system crashes resulting in lost financial information
  • Annoying pop-up ads
  • Hijacked home pages and search engines

Spyware infiltrates a system and is capable of recording and forwarding every keystroke to a third party enabling access to all your confidential information including passwords, file codes, financial information, and confidential client data.

The ParetoLogic SpyWare Awareness Tool is provided as a free service to computer users who are concerned their machines may have been the victim of an unauthorized install of malicious code.

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As a financial service, how much do you have to lose?

XoftSpySE Anti-spyware

  • Secure your network connections (multiple license discounts available)
  • Protect and secure your mission critical databases and confidential client data
  • Increase productivity and profits by protecting against network intrusions and crashes
  • Eliminate the possibility of unauthorized disclosure, loss or theft of private financial information through spyware infiltration

The Bottom Line

XoftSpySE provides you with user friendly, reliable spyware protection. Using minimal system resources, XoftSpySE installs easily offering carefree security. Contact the ParetoLogic Sales Team to find out more about how to protect your system, your privacy, and your confidential information.

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