New Vice-President at ParetoLogic Heads Up Zheng Laboratory

Victoria, BC January 31, 2006 -- ParetoLogic CEO, Dr. Zig Hancyk has announced the appointment of Yida Mao to the position of Vice-President of Technology and Product Development. Having led the team of developers of ParetoLogic’s cutting edge Zheng Laboratory, Mao with a Masters Degree in Computer Science from McGill and near completion of his MBA from UVIC, is ideally qualified to lead the ParetoLogic Internet Threat Research Team in continuing to develop sophisticated detection and removal solutions for the rapidly growing threat of spyware.

"The combat we face with spyware is a long-term game," says Mao, "Spyware is like organized crime -- highly funded and created to do harm; our goal is to continue to create security solutions to fight this crime thereby making the Internet community safer. I am confident that with the early results we have experienced with Zheng we will achieve this goal."

The Zheng Laboratory, in conjunction with the newly released XoftSpySE, the subscription edition of ParetoLogic’s popular anti-spyware program, XoftSpy, raises the benchmark for identification and removal of spyware. Subscribers to the XoftSpySE program will enjoy the benefits of the Zheng Laboratory findings such as early identification, warning, and removal of Internet threats resulting in less damage and downtime for users.

"It's not enough to simply keep up with the variations of spyware that are invading people's privacy", says Dr. Hancyk. "ParetoLogic invested in the Zheng Laboratory in order to employ a preemptive and proactive strike against malicious spyware. We are fortunate to have Yida Mao's vision, expertise, and innovative spirit to lead the way in this endeavor."

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