ParetoLogic Receives WCG Award for Diverse Staff and Inclusive Hiring Practices

Victoria software developer ParetoLogic was presented with an award from WCG International HR Solutions, in recognition of its diverse staff and inclusive hiring practices.

Victoria, B.C., June 13, 2011 – ParetoLogic has made a long-time habit of hiring the best in the technology field, regardless of any physical challenges they may face. Recently, this fact has been acknowledged by WCG International HR Solutions, who awarded ParetoLogic for their open and inclusive hiring policy. The Inclusion Award was granted to ParetoLogic for making accommodations and employing people with disabilities in their workforce.

"We're delighted to receive this award from WCG International," said Jamie-Lynn Gowitt, ParetoLogic's HR Manager. "Our staff creates a wonderful atmosphere at ParetoLogic, and we do all that we can to make every member feel welcomed here. We've seen only good things come from our accepting hiring practices, and our diverse staff is in no small way responsible for our unique approach to challenges."

WCG International HR Solutions helps disabled individuals and income assistance recipients find long-term employment. This is done with the assistance of governments, businesses, and partners in the community. In doing so, WCG International provides much-needed labor force to participating businesses, and aid disabled and income assisted clients in achieving new levels of independence and personal success.

By welcoming team members with a variety of different abilities and origins, ParetoLogic may also influence the way they create software, according to Gowitt. "By working with all kinds of individuals, it encourages us to see issues from many sides. The ability to do this is key for our user-friendly software - we need see PC problems from the user's perspective, no matter who they are. In this way, our innovation is directly tied with our inclusive and accepting attitude."

About ParetoLogic Inc.

Built on the idea that computer safety and speed should not be the exclusive domain of the tech-savvy, ParetoLogic creates a wide-range of easy-to-use security and utility programs for the home PC user. By combining sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface, ParetoLogic empowers all people, regardless of age, ability, or computing experience, to secure and optimize their own computers.

Downloaded in over 196 countries, installed on millions of PCs, and solving countless computer problems, ParetoLogic is committed to providing truly world-class software. By engaging with users and guaranteeing exceptional service, ParetoLogic continues to exceed expectations.


Kai Davis, Marketing Coordinator
ParetoLogic Inc.


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