ParetoLogic Among the Top 25 Technology Companies on Vancouver Island

Security and utility software developers ParetoLogic have been named to the VIATeC 25, the ranking of the top technology companies on Vancouver Island.

Victoria, B.C., December 19, 2011 – For the sixth consecutive year, ParetoLogic is one of the top 25 technology companies on Vancouver Island. The company placed on the VIATeC 25, the ranking of the top 25 revenue-generating technology companies on Vancouver Island. ParetoLogic, headquartered in Victoria, is a successful developer of security and utility software for home PC users.

"I'm honored for ParetoLogic to once again be named to the VIATeC 25," said ParetoLogic Co-Founder and Chairman, Elton Pereira. In explaining the company's win, Pereira underlined ParetoLogic's focus on innovation: "Innovation is not just about creating new ideas, but new ways of working with what you already have. Much of our success in 2011 came from upgrading our core technologies for new purposes and implementations."

Some of ParetoLogic's most popular releases this year included translated versions PC Health Advisor. The all-in-one utility software was made available in nine new languages, supporting customers across Europe, South America, and beyond. Even so, many more of ParetoLogic's developments went by unseen – either as behind the scenes technical enhancements, or the creation of programs not yet launched.

"This is one of the ironies of a software company – no matter how productive we are, you don't see it looking from the outside in," explained Pereira. "Our software is all downloadable, our production is all digital, and our customers are online all over the world. But here we are, year after year, and continuing to thrive."

About ParetoLogic Inc.

Built on the idea that computer safety and speed should not be the exclusive domain of the tech-savvy, ParetoLogic creates a wide-range of easy-to-use security and utility programs for the home PC user. By combining sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface, ParetoLogic empowers all people, regardless of age, ability, or computing experience, to secure and optimize their own computers.

Downloaded in over 196 countries, installed on millions of PCs, and solving countless computer problems, ParetoLogic is committed to providing truly world-class software. By engaging with users and guaranteeing exceptional service, ParetoLogic continues to exceed expectations.


Kai Davis, Marketing Coordinator
ParetoLogic Inc.


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