ParetoLogic scores win with a place in the 2009 VIATeC 25

ParetoLogic has scored another win with a place in VIATeC's list of the 25 biggest technology firms in Greater Victoria.

Victoria, B.C. Jan. 28, 2010 - While planning and strategizing for the upcoming year, ParetoLogic recently had cause to look back and celebrate their 2009 accomplishments. The security and utility software vendor ranked on the VIATeC 25, which features the Victoria technology companies with the highest revenue last year. Amidst the economic troubles of the past year, ParetoLogic not only remained buoyant, but showed dramatic gains for another successive year.

The Victoria Advanced Technology Council, who compiled the list, is dedicated to the expansion and development of the technology industry in Greater Victoria. Dan Gunn, Executive Director of VIATeC, said in an official press release that "These results further demonstrate that our sector has come of age and is firmly established as one of the lynch pins of our local economic future."

ParetoLogic's presence on the VIATeC 25 follows a particularly fruitful year for the software developers. Their latest release, FileCure, cracked a long dormant niche in the home software market by offering users an easy way to identify unknown files and quickly open them. ParetoLogic's more established programs, XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 7.0 and DriverCure, both received a substantial upgrade in appearance and performance, and numerous other updates were made to their software lineup.

Elton Pereira, ParetoLogic's CEO, President, and co-founder, said of the VIATeC ranking that "ParetoLogic's success is a primary result of our global sales expansion which includes millions of satisfied customers. However, we are at heart a Victoria based company, and we are grateful for this recognition."

About ParetoLogic Inc.

In 2004 four brothers recognized that modern computer users need not rely on computer repair technicians to maintain their own PC's. Knowing that sophisticated technology married with a truly user-friendly interface would empower people to secure and optimize their own computers, the brothers researched the marketplace to define and develop the software products that would most benefit today's computer user.

ParetoLogic now employs 125 professionals to help them research, develop, and market software applications that will enable people to secure and enhance their computing experience. Available in 192 countries around the world, ParetoLogic has established partnerships on a global scale to ensure that its products are available to all computer users, regardless of location, language, or computing experience.

Attention to the needs of the consumer coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional software applications and resource-rich websites guarantee that our products will exceed your expectations.


Kai Davis, Marketing Coordinator
ParetoLogic Inc.


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