PC Health Advisor Wins VIATeC Product of the Year Award

At the 2011 VIATeC awards gala, ParetoLogic's PC Health Advisor took home the prize as Product of the Year. After a short 12 months, the program has proven itself to be a fan favorite with millions of downloads around the globe.

Victoria, B.C., June 6, 2011 – At an award gala that seemed more like a late-night talk show than an industry event, ParetoLogic was honored with the 2011 VIATeC Product of the Year award. Host and co-host of the night, Dan Gunn and Andrew A. Duffy, held court from a mock stage, trading quips with Victoria's tech industry insiders. For ParetoLogic, the peak of the night came at the Product of the Year category. Against tough competition, including contenders from Terapeak and Contech, ParetoLogic's PC Health Advisor took the prize.

Barry Dodd, Vice-President of Business Operations at ParetoLogic, accepted the award, saying "this is a great honor for everyone at ParetoLogic." After extending his thanks to the ParetoLogic team for their diligent work in making PC Health Advisor a success, Dodd went on to thank "our customers, around the world, whose continued support makes this award possible."

The VIATeC Product of the Year is awarded to a Greater Victoria business which achieves notable success with a technology product. Success is judged by commercialization and market acceptance, and even though PC Health Advisor is barely a year old, its expansive growth in the marketplace has been phenomenal.

"When you start hitting two million downloads a month, you know you're doing something right," explained Norman Eldridge, Product Manager at ParetoLogic. Mr. Eldridge, who was along to accept the award, spelled out the product's success: "if you have a tool that works, it sells. In PC Health Advisor's case, you don't just have one tool - you have over half-a-dozen."

These tools include PC Health Advisor's registry cleaner, malware remover, privacy scanner, and driver update components, along with file helper, disk defragmenter, duplicate file finder, and more. The combination of these essential tools has made PC Health Advisor a must-have for all users who want to optimize and secure their PCs. This fact has been seen through the program's popularity, and now, it is recognized with VIATeC's Product of the Year award.

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Kai Davis, Marketing Coordinator
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