ParetoLogic's Spam Controls has the solution for record setting mortgage spam

Victoria, B.C. February 14, 2008 - In the wake of the recent announcements of interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve, many people are being inundated with mortgage-related spam from companies trying to take advantage of the latest economic swing. Spam concerned with mortgage refinancing jumped to 10% of all spam in the past week. ParetoLogic's spam controls software can provide a solution.

With finance-related spam expected to increase even higher in the weeks to come, it is an important reminder to make sure that you are equipped with the proper software to avoid a bombardment of spam as well as other complications.

Another concern with the flooding of mortgage-related spam is the potential problem of legitimate financial emails being blocked by over-aggressive, poorly developed anti-spam filters. This is what is known as a false positive. ParetoLogic's spam controls provides a best in breed product that is tirelessly tested by our Quality Assurance team to eliminate false positives and other related issues.

"One of the key goals at ParetoLogic is to eliminate the number of false positives in our products. Our unique spam pattern classification technology combined with our Quality Assurance team's exhaustive testing, has ensured that legitimate emails are not being blocked," said Director of Communications, Amanda Cooper.

ParetoLogic's Spam Controls uses modern technology and methods to detect and quarantine spam. The software can be used on Outlook or Outlook Express and boasts one of the highest detection rates in the industry, and unlike traditional spam filters, is able to detect spam that is disguised in graphics and html formats.

Rather than relying on keyword and lexical analysis like other anti-spam applications, ParetoLogic Spam Controls employs an advanced spam pattern classification to identify spam. This innovation reduces the number of messages incorrectly labeled as spam.

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Amanda Cooper, Marketing Communications Specialist
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