FileCure Tackles Hard-to-Open Files on Windows 8

ParetoLogic’s FileCure software provides users with the tools and help to open the files they need. Thanks to a new update, the program is now available for Windows 8 PCs.

ParetoLogic’s FileCure software is now available for free download on Windows 8 PCs. The program provides users with an easy way to open any file on their PC and control file associations. With FileCure, unknown and unusual file types are automatically connected with the tools to open them.

“Rather than the number of file types decreasing, they are increasing, year by year,” said Gary Theobald ParetoLogic Senior Director of Business Operations.  “Program updates and new programs mean that new file extensions are continually being introduced – Windows 8 will likely exacerbate this growth. If a user does not have the right tools to open these files, they will be missing out. FileCure makes it easy to understand what you need, and puts the tools in your hands.”

File types are typically known by their unique file extension – usually a three or four-letter suffix attached to the file name. These can include docx, mp3, dat, or csv. Although Windows 8 supports many popular file extensions by default, there still remain thousands of extensions that require their own unique program to open.

“Besides providing access to these required tools, FileCure also helps users manage their file associations,” said Theobald. “In other words, users are not held hostage by what Windows 8 or a particular program thinks is best – they can quickly choose a new program to open a specific type of file. This kind of freedom lets users experiment with what works best for them.”

Although advanced Windows 8 users are able to modify their system settings to manually control their file extension association preferences, source emphasized the ease and speed of FileCure software.

“Our users don’t want to waste time with Windows settings and painstakingly searching for the right program for their file. They just want to open their files – FileCure offers this for all Windows users, including Windows 8.”

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