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Victoria, BC July 13, 2005 - As part of its educational strategy and ongoing efforts to address current and emerging security threats to computer users, ParetoLogic Inc. unveiled today their educational blog: is designed to educate users on best practices of protecting themselves from Spyware and security threats that interfere with normal use and enjoyment of personal computers.

"Education is essential in combating spyware. We believe providing users with educational information on privacy and security issues will enable them to make more informed decisions." states Elton Pereira, President of ParetoLogic Inc. "Users are busy with their everyday lives and can be overwhelmed with all the information on spyware and security that's out there. Our goal is to increase awareness amongst the internet community about these malicious threats and provide users with a simple yet effective solution to deal with it."

According to research conducted by Horizon Interactive and Insight Express in 2005, "70% of consumers use some form of anti-spyware software." "Technology alone can not solve the growing problem of spyware." states Adrian Pereira, CTO of ParetoLogic. "Our educational blog is designed to educate consumers on what spyware is, how to be aware of it and how to protect your PC from it."

Spyware is a growing type of detrimental software that takes up residence on a computer, usually uninvited, that can report on activities and preferences of a user, or disclose information about data stored on a computer. Combined with Malware, which are programs or applications that are developed for the purpose of doing harm, Spyware can crash or slow the performance of a PC, gather and share information about a person or organization without their knowledge and possibly leave you a victim of "identity theft".

ParetoLogic Inc. offers leading edge integrated application solutions to give you peace of mind that your computer is secure and your privacy is protected. We specialize in privacy and security software.

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