ParetoLogic Backup Launched to Protect Valuable Digital Files

The PC security and utility software specialists at ParetoLogic have launched their latest program. ParetoLogic Backup creates easy, instant backups of a user’s important files, to protect them against deletion and corruption.

Victoria, B.C., August 22, 2012 – Millions of files are about to get a lot safer: ParetoLogic’s latest launch gives average PC users an easy way to ensure that their files and documents are protected. ParetoLogic Backup is a new service that automatically backs up a user’s data to a remote and secure location. Thanks to these backups, a user can instantly recover any files that are lost, deleted, or corrupted.

“Despite anyone’s best efforts, accidents and mistakes still do happen and put important files at risk,” said Ted Deng, Senior Project Manager at ParetoLogic. “These can be sentimental items, like photos, songs, or videos, or even critical financial documents. To keep these files safe, we created ParetoLogic Backup.”

ParetoLogic’s developers brought the full weight of their experience in the security and utility fields in developing ParetoLogic Backup’s features. ParetoLogic Backup is fully automatic and its ease-of-use makes it suitable for both the tech-savvy and novices. The service also offers users unlimited storage for an unlimited number of devices. This means people can back up all their files from PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Plus, to ensure complete security, military-grade encryption is applied to all backed up files.

”With modern computers and devices, it’s easy to assume that your files will be safely stored forever, but this is simply not true,” said Deng. “There are countless problems that can lead to a loss of files: hard drive failure; computer crashes; accidental deletion; hacking and malware; floods, fire and other natural disasters; power surges; even theft… the list goes on.”

An added bonus of ParetoLogic Backup’s unlimited storage on unlimited devices is that users can easily share data across their devices. Once a file has been backed up from a PC, it can be quickly accessed and copied to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

ParetoLogic is currently offering a free seven day trial of ParetoLogic Backup at

About ParetoLogic Inc.

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