ParetoLogic Launches EasyFileViewer

Security and utility-software house ParetoLogic has launched their latest program, EasyFileViewer. EasyFileViewer gives users an easy way to open the most common text, image, and archive files, all in one program.

Victoria, B.C., December 22, 2011 – ParetoLogic's latest software launch tackles one of the most common and annoying PC problems – hard to open files. EasyFileViewer was designed to open the most common file extensions for images, text, archived documents, spreadsheets, and more. With ParetoLogic bringing its expertise in user-friendly design, all Windows users now have an easy way to open the most common file types.

Norman Eldridge, ParetoLogic Product Manager, explained that "there's no need for people to buy dozens of programs to open common files on their PC. One program, one download, and users are now able to access all of the most common file types instantly. This saves time, money, and a lot of hassle."

With the continual expansion of social media, paired with email, USB keys, and online downloads, home PC users are dealing with more files and more file extensions than ever before. In addition, every year new file types are created, leaving many users without the necessary programs to open them.

"File extensions are not static - new programs and new updates are continually being released," explained Mr. Eldridge. "So, even if you were up to date and could open all files five years ago, you can't necessarily open them all now." The Product Manager pointed to docx, 7zip, and tiff as file extensions that have grown increasingly popular in recent years, all of which are supported by EasyFileViewer.

EasyFileViewer was developed to integrate seamlessly with the Windows operating system. Once installed, EasyFileViewer is able to automatically detect when a file is not supported and open that file automatically when a user clicks it. Users can also drag and drop files onto EasyFileViewer, or simply open them through the program's interface. This means that a user can open and view their file in mere seconds, without having to worry about lengthy setup.

EasyFileViewer can be downloaded from, and is available for Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

About ParetoLogic Inc.

Built on the idea that computer safety and speed should not be the exclusive domain of the tech-savvy, ParetoLogic creates a wide-range of easy-to-use security and utility programs for the home PC user. By combining sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface, ParetoLogic empowers all people, regardless of age, ability, or computing experience, to secure and optimize their own computers.

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Kai Davis, Marketing Coordinator
ParetoLogic Inc.


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