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About ParetoLogic

ParetoLogic Inc. - headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

In 2004, four software professionals, who just happened to be brothers, recognized that the modern computer user faces a huge number of problems and annoyances. Not only do average PC users suffer from security risks, slowdowns, and error messages, they are also at the mercy of expensive computer repair technicians.

To give computer users a chance to easily maintain, secure, and optimize their own computers, the brothers founded ParetoLogic.

Since then, ParetoLogic software has been downloaded in over 196 countries, installed on millions of PCs, and solved countless computer problems around the world. 118 professionals have joined ParetoLogic at their headquarters in Victoria, B.C., Canada to research, develop, and support new products.

By combining sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface, ParetoLogic empowers all people, regardless of age, ability, or computing experience, to secure and optimize their own computers.

Welcome to Our World.

Our business address: ParetoLogic Inc., 1827 Fort St, Victoria, BC, V8R 1J6 Canada

Enjoy your PC!

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